Hairstyles: Pretty-And Easy!-Braids

Here's how to do Mitra's (left) hairstyle!:

  1. Part hair in the middle.
  2. Starting at the part, braid a 2-inch section of hair and secure with elastic.
  3. Repeat on other side.
  4. Tie the braids together in the back with another elastic.

Here's how to do Sarah's (right) hairstyle--the big side braid!:

  1. Part hair on the side.
  2. Gather all your hair at the opposite side of the part and braid your hair; secure with elastic.
  3. Wrap a piece of hair around the elastic and secure with a bobby pin.
  4. Add a headband.

Super easy, right? Do you have any other braided hairstyle ideas? Share with us by commenting below!


Ladder braid: you can use this for long or short hair! braid your hair normaly but, before you tie it grab the middle lock of hair and pinch the two others and pull them up along the middle lock of hair and slowly let them go and tie! if done right it will look like a ladder!
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Thank you so much!!! Even though I have sort hair I can still do this braid!!!

Yay 1st comment! I'll try it on my hair too! Thanks DG!
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Second comment. Kinda awkward. Anyway the braids are really cute! Great job! I'm so gonna try that! PEACE!!! :-) -Faithful77
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i think these are so cute but my hair is a little over shoulder leangth so it's hard to do. but i still think it's cute.

Thats really cute! and also, if you feel your self getting really angry... just think... is it worth getting angry?

I like your hair! I tried Mitra's hair and lots of people sayed i had the coolest hair in class! Thanks for the tips!

My hair is now too short. I love braids, but my mom wanted me to cut it just below my chin. Even though I won't be able to do cute hairstyles.

try French braiding the side

look online for cute hairstyles for short hair!Use cute headbands and adorable clips!try this:before you go to bed wet chunks of your hair all around your head.then braid and tie off with an elastic.In the morning take them out and you'll have crinked hair!(I tried it when i had short hair and it looks cute!!!)tip:the smaller the braid the more crinked it is!

I had short hair just below my chin and I did that every night! It makes it look super cute I think.

its all right. you can always grow your hair longer. and even if your hair is short, you can still do the first one. :)

That is true, I do see a lot of my favorite stars with side braids.

A sassy look I've found out about is wearing ur hair like two braids hanging down ur back. It's just like pigtails but better! Also, If u sleep w/ ur hair like this it will be curly the next morning.

I've done that for years, and I just want to add that it will eliminate 'bedhead.' My parents have jobs that go out of town, so sometimes we have to get up REALLY early. This makes brushing easier, so I don't feel guilty about two or three extra minutes of sleep.

Oh my gosh, I love Sarah's braid!! =)
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i love to!my hair isn't as long as hers. :( (but almost!)

This is cool and perfect since I have been looking for new hair styles. :) I would have to say a French braid or a fish tail would be cool, but IDK how to explain the process.

To make a fish tale you part the section of hair you are going to braid, then grab a little bit of one side, all the way to the side, then put it on the inside of the other section of hair. Then repeat until the braid is done!

isn't that kinda like a french braid?

I luv doing the fish tale it rocks!!! -♥2Dance

Great I love those hairstyles! But one problem... my hair is is shoulder length. so do you have any braids to do with that length?

try a French braid in the side of ur head!!

my mom nor my dad or my brother (it would be weird if he did!) don't know how to french braid!

search the internet and youtube- you will find TONS of tutorials Hopw this helps soccer1590

it is supposed to be hope not hopw!!

when I do that I call it around the world but I start at one side of my head to the other side

"I prefer one ponytail."

Hey you'er not the only one. But sometimes my mom puts my hair in french braids.Oh but does it hurt!!!! Peace *dudes*

i dont braid my hair like that i do it all in little braids

Me too. My mom braids my hair in hundred of tiny braids and when she's done it look SO pretty!!!


would that be called corn rows? have u ever gotten your hair done like that, like, on a cruise with beads? CUTE!

love it all~!!!!!!!!

OMG...i love side braid! and i totally love side french braid too!! but i gotta wait till my hair grows long again...
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I am wearing braids right now!

I love those hairstyles!!! Especially Mitra's! Thanks, DG!

I'm the kind of girl who has hair with a mind of its own, so I don't want to spend a long time fixing my hair if it won't last through second period, but that mind will tell it to fall towards my face if I don't do anything. To have my regular mind back in control, I'll do something that is simple and can be fixed quickly during class like a barrette or headband.

Ehmagawd that is a cute hair style!

cute hair style!
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I know! RIGHT?

my hair is too short what should I do!!?? help! love it, but my hair is way too short

;) :) for sure! loven it!!!!!

If you have short hair, try taking tiny top sections of your hair and braiding them over the lower layers. You can put in as many as you want.

tryed that! still too short!

Whenever I put my hair up, in anything, it gets all ugly and frizzy! I HATE my hair! Do you guys have any tips on how to tame the frizz?

spray your hair with a mixture of conditioner and water in spritz bottle it helps!!Also have you ever tried straightening it?

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i know right?!

If you have bangs that you want to get out of your way try a french braid on the side of your head. It is really cute, a girl in my class does it a lot.
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