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My fabulous writing teacher suggested I apply to be a Discovery Girl because she knew I liked sharing stories. I knew there was a slim chance of being chosen and nearly didn’t apply because of the towering pile of homework on my desk, but as always, she encouraged me to try.  Even if I wasn’t picked, I knew I at least I had given it my best shot!

It was just a regular Tuesday, and I was in the car sleeping on my way to fencing practice (a 40 minute drive...sigh!) when my dad’s cell phone started jangling. It was mom with the news, and he abruptly woke me up. I saw the big grin on his face and he blurted out I was going to be a Discovery Girl! I was so excited I could’ve ran a mile.

Over the course of two months, I thought long and hard about how to tell my story, delving deep into the chocolate cake of my brain. Answering the questionnaire was like having a wonderful deep talk with my childhood best friend, questioning life and figuring out my purpose. I read somewhere that if you have a purpose, it makes you more resilient and longer lived, so I think the fact that Discovery Girls asked us to think about our purpose is a good idea. Submitting my application was the second most terrifying experience in this journey. I pondered every question I answered, making sure the grammar was correct and my ideas were thoughtful.

I didn’t tell many of my friends I applied in case I wasn’t chosen, so if I were chosen they would be surprised and if I wasn’t, they wouldn’t be disappointed. When I told my closest friends I was going to be a Discovery Girl, they congratulated me. We hugged, jumping up and down like little girls who had just devoured too much cotton candy. My best friends are the most supportive any girl could have.  They make me feel incredibly lucky.

I already live in California, but as it’s the southern part, my dad and I drove six hours to the Summit in San Francisco. I had a blast in the car ride--mooing at cows, drawing pictures of the pink flowering trees we passed, taking time lapse photos of golden cornfields, and chomping burgers and fries at In-n-Out. I loved being part of the Summit.  The location was beautiful and best of all, I had the honor of meeting all the Discovery Girls. Everyone had such open spirits, and everyone was kind and fun.

Meeting girls from all over North America was a truly unique experience, and it opened my eyes to the diversity we are lucky enough to have in our country. However, despite our diversity, it was nice to know that girls everywhere ponder over the same issues. It was also fun seeing the different fashions each girl brought, the trends that were popular in each state, and how these items said something about where they lived. What most surprised and delighted me was how during the course of the weekend, it felt like we became best friends who had known each other for years.

Besides learning how to take dynamic pictures, the Summit gave me wonderful new friends from all around the country. To this day, we constantly text, Instagram, and chat with each other. I am looking forward to growing up with this bunch of girls, helping each other, and seeing what we become.  We have become a community.

Applying to be a Discovery Girl is going to be one of the best decisions you can make even if you aren’t chosen. The application really questions your thought processes and makes you dig deep inside your chocolate cake of a brain to find out who you are and what you care about.  It is this kind of thoughtfulness that leads to a caring and purpose-driven life.

March/April 2017

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