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I Decided to Take a Chance

One day, I was flipping through DG magazine when I saw an ad for the Discovery Girls Summit and decided to give it a shot! I looked at it as a new opportunity, although I was pretty sure I wouldn’t be chosen. I thought my chances were slim, and I was telling myself not be disappointed if I really don’t get chosen. But I tried my best, and tried to show who I really am in the questionnaire.

I spent a whole weekend on the questionnaire, and really made sure the answers sounded like they were coming from me, no one else. I thought the questions were pretty hard, so I definitely had to give a lot of thought to them. I felt relieved after I submitted it, and felt pretty confident about my answers. My family was super happy for me when we all found out, and my friends were super excited for me as well. Although not a lot of them knew about the magazine before, I know they were proud of me.


I Didn’t Get In…But, Wait…

While they were picking the Discovery Girls, I was in Chicago at a Ballet Summer Intensive Camp without my family. I was checking the website every day, until they said all the girls had been chosen and those girls’ parents had been notified. I didn’t hear anything from my parents, so I immediately assumed I wasn’t chosen. I was disappointed, but tried not to be too sad. Then, after a long day of ballet, I was in a crammed elevator with the rest of my ballet friends when my phone rang. It was the editor of the magazine telling me I was chosen! I wanted to scream but everyone was super quiet in the elevator so I just smiled really big and thanked her and ended the call. Once I got out of the elevator I screamed and jumped around like I won the lottery. I was SO overjoyed. My parents apparently wanted to surprise me and I think they did the right thing ;)


Getting Ready…and a Road Trip

I prepared a TON for the Summit! My mom took me shopping to get some new clothes, and I slowly put together my profile outfit. My favorite piece of clothing is overalls, so I found an overall dress and a cute sun hat that looked earthy, and would connect to my love of the outdoors. Without my mom, I couldn’t have done it!

I’m from Washington State, and my dad decided our family would do a HUGE road trip from Seattle all the way to San Jose. It took three days, and on the way we saw Oregon, the Redwood Forests, California Coast, Napa Valley, San Francisco, and many landmarks. We made tons of memories and turned it into our own special trip.

Making New Friends at the Summit

It was amazing meeting so many inspiring, enthusiastic girls at the Summit. They were all so down-to-earth and friendly, and there was a buzz of excitement at all times! I was surprised to see many girls from all kinds of different places and different cultures, and that there was definitely something really unique about each individual girl.

I learned that a simple wave or a smile can really go a long way. I’m a pretty shy person, but I learned you have to open up and take chances to really get the most out of making a new, lifelong friend. You shouldn’t wait for someone to come to you—be the girl who smiles confidently and makes a new friend!


I’ll Always Remember…

One time we were all in a hotel room, sharing random experiences and talking randomly, when we somehow started talking about squash. It was so out of the blue, and many of us decided we hated squash, so we just went with it. Over the course of time it kind of became the topic of all conversations, and when we would walk by each other we would randomly yell “SQUASH!” If there is anything I remember from the group of the 2016 Discovery Girls, it would be a squash.

I will also always remember everyone’s ever-glowing confidence. Confidence is key to life, and all the girls were SO confident. We were all confident about our passions, dreams, hopes and thoughts. We must be confident in who we are and what we want to do to succeed, and I think that’s really important.

If you’re thinking about applying for the next Discovery Girls Summit, my #1 tip for the questionnaire would be to just pour yourself into the answers. Speak your mind strongly, and have your own opinions, not just society’s. And remember, every single girl in this world, even you, the girl reading this, is a Discovery Girl no matter what. We can change the world for the better, so why not start now?

June/July 2016

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