DG Culinary Adventures! Stuffed Celery with Blue Cheese

Prep the celery:

  • Clean and cut off the ends of each celery stalk
  • Cut into 3 inch pieces

Blue Cheese Dip

Ingredients for the dip are:

  1. 1 block of softened cream cheese
  2. 4 oz of blue cheese crumbled
  3. Pinch of garlic
  4. 1 small can of Chopped black olives


  1. Mix together – refrigerate for an hour.
  2. Stuff each 3 inch celery piece with blue cheese dip and serve.
  3. Create a sampler platter and have several toppings, pick from some of the suggestions below
  4. Cream Cheese, peanut butter, tuna fish, soft spreadable cheese  or a side of Wings!
  5. Clean up and you are ready to Enjoy!