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If you didn’t already know, starting next week you’ll have the chance to win 31 days of totally awesome stuff right here on!

We’ve worked with companies YOU love to put together an ultimate Month of Giveaways featuring products specially geared towards girls like you! Starting March 1 you’ll have the chance to win anniversary goodies from Sanrio, awesome DJ style headphones from iFrogz, customized charm bracelets from Charm It! and so much more!

Also, don’t miss our final giveaway on March 31 – an Xbox 360 & Kinect bundle!

So how does this work? It’s simple:

  1. Check out the entire calendar for the Month of Giveaways here.
  2. Come back to every day to enter the featured giveaway for that day. All giveaways start at 12 am PST and end that same day at 11:59 pm PST.
  3. We’ll notify the winners of each giveaway the following day, so make sure to check your email!

Remember, you can only enter each giveaway on the day it’s scheduled, so make sure to plan accordingly!

Anyone can enter, so make sure to share this contest with everyone you know! Good luck!