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Do you have a sister, Or a friend who is like a sister? Celebrate each other for National Sister Day.

On Pretzels, Hot Dogs and ? tell us where else you pop on the spicy yellow condiment.

Happy birthday to our discovery girls born in the month of August! What are you doing to celebrate your birthdays?

Fruits & Veggies and Flower of the month for August!  

  • Peaches, Cactus Pear, Celery, Okra
  • Flower – Poppy & Gladiolus


Tell us what will you do this month to show your Kindness?
What has someone done for you?

Who is your BFF and what fun things did you do this summer?

Celebrate the friends you have and make new ones for International Friendship Day, make it a day designed to foster friendships and bridge the gaps between race, color, religion and other factors which keep humans from enjoying friendship with one another

Do you need a recipe to celebrate National Lasagna Day? Check out our DG Culinary adventures for an easy one. Did you know? Lasagna is a flat-shaped pasta that is layered with sauce and various ingredients, the most popular including beef, spinach, cheese or seafood.  Lasagna is believed to have originated in Naples, Italy.

We hope that everyone is having a great summer and enjoying time with friends and family!

In the latest issue, we have a Scavenger Hunt with a lot of great prizes. You could be one of 30 winners!! To enter the scavenger hunt contest, make sure that you have read the rules and how to enter. If you have any questions, please post a comment here and we will do our best to assist you in your submissions!

Give Hugs to your Moms, Dads or adults who are like parents to you in your life who give you unconditional love and commitment for National Parents Day.

Enjoy a Hot Diggy Dog on National Hot Dog Day! For a healthier alternative to processed meat hot dogs, try a veggie dog, turkey dog or hotdog made from soy. Be sure to check out some of the toppings in our DG Culinary Adventures section.

Tell us, What’s your favorite flavor Ice Cream for national Ice Cream Day?  I scream you, scream we all scream for Ice Cream! 10% of milk in the US goes towards making ice cream.