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I decided to apply because I love the magazine and wanted to be one of those lucky girls that we see on the cover, modeling for their profile shots, and acting silly for Behind-the-Scenes! I found out about the Summit on the website after looking up the latest DG contests. However, it was just after the application process had closed – I was so bummed but determined to enter the next year. So, when the Summit advertisement showed up at the back of my magazine, I nearly jumped for joy! I went straight to the website on the day the questions went up. I put a lot of thought and effort into my questionnaire. I really wanted to be chosen, but I knew my chances were slim. But I felt like if I really deserved to be a Discovery Girl, and if my questionnaire was good enough, I would be a DG!  

I took nearly the whole time we had – almost 3 months – to complete my questionnaire. I marked up the questions with ideas and numbered the parts, outlined everything I wanted to say, wrote rough drafts, typed them up, and then revised, revised, revised! I read through the whole thing once to make sure that I had varied sentence types!  Naturally, writing is one of my passions, so the whole process was not tedious at all. Right before I submitted it, my mom and I were joking around and saying, “May the odds be ever in your favor!” in those silly Capital accents. Apparently Hunger Games humor works! 

Since I live on the East Coast, the email came super late at night. My mom saw the email the next morning and told my sister the news. She came running into my room, pounced on me, still under the covers, and yelled, “Clara, you're a Discovery Girl!” That sure woke me up! 

The whole trip was so amazing! Before I got to the Summit, I wondered “Is she a DG?” about every girl I saw! I glimpsed the Golden Gate Bridge, met Isabel at Fisherman’s Wharf before the Summit, visited a Hunger Games exhibit, went to Chinatown, and walked up all the super steep SF streets!

It was so cool to meet girls from all over North America! When I first walked into room, I was feeling a bit shy, but as soon as I took a seat, that all vanished!  After an introduction, we all went to a restaurant with delicious Mexican food and by the time the nachos were gone, we were all BFF’s!  
At the Summit, I learned that you could have unusual similarities with people who you think wouldn’t be anything like you. Some of the girls were interested in different things, and came from different places, and were different ages, but we all were friends!

I will always remember the friends I met at the Summit, the fun we had, the privilege of being selected out of thousands of girls, the jokes we made, and the experience of being in DG. But there’s one message that I want to share that’s way more important than anything else: just believe in yourself and be confident in your own skin!  Even if it seems that nothing ever works out for you, one day something amazing will.  


March/April 2017

This is a web exclusive from March/April 2017.

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