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  1. DG's High School Musical 2 Countdown

    What time is it? Well, it’s nearly the moment we’ve all been waiting for: the premiere of High School Musical 2! Here at Discovery Girls, the countdown has officially begun. Next Friday at 8 p.m. on Disney Channel, Vanessa, Zac, Corbin, Ashley, Monique, ...

    03/08/2010 - 17:11 - 233 comments

  2. Back to Style!

    So, do you know what you're wearing on the first day of school yet? Or how you'll accessorize your uniform? I’ll let you in on a secret: Being a fashion editor is a lot like putting together that perfect first-day-of-school outfit. There are so ...

    03/08/2010 - 17:12 - 146 comments

  3. A New Year, and Friends Rule!

    Happy New Year from Discovery Girls! In our "You Say" poll, it's clear that some of you have vowed to be a better friend in 2008! For inspiration, check out what our Kentucky Discovery Girls had to say about their best friendships... ...

    03/08/2010 - 16:47 - 49 comments

  4. DG Comments: All You Need to Know

    If you read the DG Blog, quizzes, celebrity interviews, embarrassing moments, Ask Ali questions (and answers), and nearly all of the other features on, you've probably noticed the "Add a new comment" option at the bottom ...

    03/08/2010 - 17:14 - 54 comments

  5. Discovery Girls and Their BFFs (Part 1)

    The October/November issue of Discovery Girls is always all about best friends, so we decided to ask our Kentucky Discovery Girls about why their best friends are special! In this DG Blog post, you'll hear from the issue's three (yes, three!) ...

    03/08/2010 - 17:13 - 56 comments

  6. High School Musical 2...It's Time!

    We hope you enjoyed High School Musical 2 week on In case you missed the fun, here's how we celebrated the highly-anticipated premiere: ...

    03/08/2010 - 17:12 - 46 comments

  7. "You Say...Polls," By You!

    We've said it before and we'll say it again: We always want to hear from you! There are so many opportunities for you to contribute to Discovery Girls (find out how here!), and there have always been ways for you to voice your opinion on this web ...

    03/08/2010 - 16:48 - 26 comments

  8. Fab Girls Week on!

    Surprise, girls! Today kicks off a very special and exciting week on! Every day this week, you'll find all things "Fab" on this web site! That's right: DG is proud to announce that the first four books in the Fab ...

    03/08/2010 - 17:16 - 21 comments

  9. Getting to Know Carmen and Dallas

    Dreams…hobbies…pet peeves! I know you have them, and the Fab Girls, Dallas and Carmen Fabrulléziano, are no different! Dallas dreams of winning a Pulitzer Prize someday…and Carmen, an Academy Award. Dallas is always totally honest (she cannot stand gossip ...

    03/08/2010 - 16:44 - 17 comments

  10. How to Shop at Thrift Stores: The Do's & Don'ts

    Thrift stores are perfect for finding cool clothes without blowing all your cash, but there are a few things to keep an eye out for when it comes to thrift store shopping, and a few things to steer clear of. Keep these Do’s and Don’ts in mind next time ...

    01/27/2014 - 18:38 - 1 comment