Your favorite Stars and Their Siblings

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When it comes to sibling relationships, your favorite stars are a lot like you. Sometimes you get along with your sibs, sometimes you don’t. But no matter what, you always love them!  Find out what your favorite celebs say about their relationships with their siblings. 

Rowan Blanchard Girls Meets World

Courtesy of Rowan Blanchard/Disney Channel

“I’m the big sister!”

My parents remind me that as the oldest, I should set a good example, But I’m human and I’m going to make mistakes. The good thing is my brother and sister will, too.” Rowan revels in being a role model to her sister Carmen and brother Shane, but feels like her parents had higher expectations for her. “My parents don’t always treat my siblings the same way I was treated. But it it’s never done intentionally and never in a mean way.” Like all sibs, Rowan and her brother and sister have their differences. “We fight over silly things, Sometimes compromises work, and sometimes Mom and Dad step in—like when they can’t agree on a restaurant. “They’ll just choose and say, ‘If you don’t eat something here, you don’t eat,’” Rowan laughs.


Brec Bassinger Bella and the Bulldogs

Courtesy of Brec Bassinger/Nickelodeon

“I’m the little sister!”

“I’m very much their baby sister,” Brec says of her brothers Beric and Brice. “They like to pick on me but are also very protective.” Being the youngest has its pros and cons. “The best part is I get spoiled, but the worst part is, I get a lot more babied than my older brothers.” Another downside? Brec doesn’t get away with as much as her siblings. “They were always allowed to have girlfriends at a young age, and my parents are a lot stricter with me about dating.”


Isabela Moner 100 Things to Do Before High School

Courtesy of Isabela Moner/Nickelodeon

“I’m in the middle!”

 Being the only girl raised with two brothers isn’t always easy,” says Isabela, who is between older brother Jared and younger brother Gyovanni. “I always begged for a sister. I sometimes feel left out. Like when my brothers would get a new video game for Christmas, they would play it all morning and leave me out. All I wanted to do was spend time with them! I had to learn boy sports quickly and understand how boys work.” Their relationship is still a bit of a roller coaster. “We laugh, we fight,” Isabela explains. “And we care for each other, even though we don’t always say so.”


Sabrina Carpenter Girl Meets WorldCourtesy of Sabrina Carpenter/Disney Channel

"I’m the youngest!”

“My sisters are my best friends,” Sabrina says. “There is never a dull moment with us. I don’t get to see Shannon that often, but Sarah is with me everywhere I go. We have a great relationship. We’ll be in the car on our way to who knows where, and I’ll start singing and she’ll do the harmonies. But we also fight.” Sometimes, the fights turn into epic battles. “It’s always over clothes,” Sabrina says, noting that all three girls wear the same size. “Sarah and I are a little more giving with each other, but if Shannon takes my clothes, they never come back.”


Kelli Berglund Lab Rats

Courtesy of Kelli Berglund/Disney Channel

“I’m the oldest!”

“The best part about being the big sister is giving advice and support,” Kelli says. “I’ve already experienced many of the things my little sister Kirra will experience. She’s in middle school. I know that there’s usually a ton of catty drama among friends, so I’m glad she has me to confide in.” The only downside is that things aren’t always fair. “I had to wait until I was 12 to get a cell phone. Kirra was only 10 when she got hers!” Kelli says. “It’s frustrating, but maybe Kirra did need a phone sooner than I did, and it’s no reason to get upset. There are much worse things to complain about.”

Peyton List Bunk’d

Courtesy of Peyton List/Disney Channel

"I’m a twin!”

“I am the oldest sister—even if I'm only older than my twin brother Spencer by 10 minutes,” Peyton says. She also has a younger brother, Phoenix. “If you asked my parents, they would say I’m the most obedient. They expect me to be a good leader and set a good example for Phoenix, which can sometimes be hard, considering I like to be immature and goof off.” Peyton loves both her brothers, but Phoenix, who is a jokester, sometimes tries her patience. “He’ll climb into my clean bed after his basketball practice in his dirty sweaty clothes. He knows how much it bothers me—but that just makes him love it even more!”