Spirit Riding Free - Now Available on Netflix!

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Meet three girls who are about to fill the hearts of everyone who loves horses and adventure! Their names are Lucky, Pru, and Abigail and they discover the meaning of friendship in the new series, DreamWorks Spirit Riding Free, now streaming on Netflix!
Life is always exciting alongside Lucky; a fearless, natural-born leader whose confidence is contagious! She is as free and ready for adventure as her wild horse, Spirit!
Then there is Pru, whose expertise on horses and Miradero’s vast riding trails make her the brains of this trio. She’s as stubborn as she is loyal to her friends, family, and her beautiful prize Palomino, Chica Linda.
The space between Lucky’s free spirit and Pru’s practicality is filled by Abigail’s great sense of humor. She is energetic, goofy, and optimistic about pretty much everything! She rides a horse named Boomerang who is as quirky as she is.
These three unique personalities come together to create the ultimate “PALs” (Pru Abigail Lucky), each inspirational in her own right. While they always go on exciting adventures with their horses, the real adventure is watching them discover who they are individually while also learning the value of great friendship. No matter who you relate to most out of this trio, each girl is a fantastic role model and a reminder to stick to the things you feel passionate about.
Tell us which girl you are most like! Are you fearless like Lucky? Smart like Pru? Or quirky like Abigail?