Reader Spotlight: How do you Celebrate Valentine's Day!

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We asked you to tell us how you celebrate Valentine's Day, and so many of you answered! While each and every answer was special, we could only choose five responses to feature in this week’s Reader Spotlight blog! As usual, everyone featured in this week’s blog will receive a set of our Fab Girls Guides!

If your response wasn’t picked, don’t worry! There are still so many ways you can contribute to the magazine and the web site! Visit our contribute page to find out more, or check back regularly to see if we’re looking for information only YOU can give us!

Once again, thanks to everyone who responded!

Now, onto our five chosen responses, thanks again to everyone that shared:

I usually stay home with my friends. I usually don’t have school that day because it’s a day that most teachers take off in my school. When I’m home we usually make cards for each other and other fun stuff. Last year before Valentine’s Day everyone picked a person out of a hat and we had to buy people stuff like heart shaped cookies, red pens, chocolate, stuffed bears, and more stuff like that. Then we go to my school’s Valentine Day Dance!! It’s super fun!!!!!

From User Kriastina

Every year, my mom and I cut out hearts using red, pink, or fuchsia construction paper. On each heart we would write things that have to do with Valentine’s Day such as: I love you, you’re so sweet, you’re my sugar pie honey bunch, etc. We tape the hearts to one colored piece of ribbon. Finally, we tack each ribbon in the doorway of our rooms. My mom and I have a blast in February!!!

From User animallover2011

I am going to make personal valentines for my friends. A lot of people get under the illusion that Valentines is for the boy you love or your crush. Well I believe in reality it should be about everyone you love. My friends do more for me than a boy ever could.

From User

I love Valentine’s day! It isn’t all about the candy, and jewelry (even though it’s nice). At my house it’s about appreciating the one’s you love like family, and friends. At school I give out valentines to my classmates and I always make something for my family. We have a really nice dinner and talk about the things we love and appreciate. I hope who ever is reading this has a great Valentines Day this year!

From User Purple Princess

I make homemade chocolate with my mom and my aunt. Then we go around the neighborhood and hand them out to our neighbors. It's a lot of fun. I also love to make Valentine's for my best friends. The best part is that my mom sends chocolates or flowers to be delivered at my school.

From User Violet