Get Up & Play! Get Your Rock Band Together!

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Aspire to be awesome and form your own Rock Band.  Create your own music or play famous musicians songs. Now with the power of digital, you can make your music appear in places like YouTube or

How to get a Rock Band Started?

Step 1: Recruit your own members and think of the skill set each of the possible team members have.  It is important to have a chemistry with them since you will spend lots of hours practicing together. Determine the size of the band, the type of music you want to play and the target venues you wish to play in the future.  Once you have a band, commit to a rehearsal schedule.  

Step 2: Find a creative name for your band.  Think of what you want your band to be all about.  Pick a name that better identifies you and the team with the type of image you want to show for your band. The name of your music band will be how you will “market” it through YouTube Videos, Social Media, performances and competitions.

Step 3: Select the music that you want to play and practice it regularly. The best rock bands become successful through determination & practice.

Step 4: Create your YouTube Music Channel and prepare to film your practice and performances.  Upload it to YouTube and promote your channel.  You will soon find that your Rock Band Concerts can be viewed digitally all over the world.  You can earn recommendation or even find more young musicians to collaborate.

Above all, Have Fun! Just Get Up & Play!