October Happenings!

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October is Diversity Awareness Month . Celebrate and embrace who we are, despite our differences.

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to all of our Discovery Girls who are celebrating a Birthday in October! To you and all the amazing things you do each day…keep up the good work! We wish you the best year yet…. Share with us your favorite Birthday moment. 

In October

October 4th: World Animal Day - Celebrate and appreciate our relationship with the animals that share our planet and the ways in which they enrich our lives. 
October 5th: Share with us you favorite Poem for National Poetry Day.
October 6th:  SMILE! Today is World Smile day.
October 8th: Columbus Day, a celebration of the arrival of Christopher Columbus in the Americas on October 12, 1492.
October 10th: Today is Mental Health Day, take a moment to clear your thoughts. Do you ever feel stressed, blue or out of sorts? Your mental health is just as important as physical health. Don’t be afraid to talk to a trusted person.
October 11th: You are Powerful, kind, strong, fast, funny, talented, smart, determined and so much more. Girl’s make a positive difference in the world. Celebrate you and all the girls in your life for International Day of the Girl!
October 16th: World Food Day is recognized to raise awareness about hunger and encourage the public to support efforts to eradicate world hunger. 
October 22nd: What is a nut?  Nuts are fruits composed of a hard outer shell with a seed inside. They are high in fat, protein and vitamins and minerals. Celebrate National Nut day with trail mix full of nuts ! Check out our recipe for this in DG Culinary Adventures. SIDE NOTE please be mindful if anyone near you has a nut allergy when consuming.
October 28th: Who like’s chocolate? Tell us if you like dark, milk or White with or without nuts or fillings. Today is National Chocolate Day.
October 29th: Meow, meow for National Cat Day. Give your furry friend a special treat or donate your time to a cat shelter. There is always a need for help walking, feeding, playing with and cleaning up after the animals.
October 31: Happy Halloween - Have Fun, stay safe and share with us what is your favorite part of Halloween.

Fruits & Veggies and Flower of the Month

Fuits: Apples - Pears - Pumpkin
Flower:  Calendula