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We are many, but in Christ we are all one body. —Romans 12:5

A new school year can bring excitement. New friends, new teachers, and fun new activities. But it can also bring anxiety. It’s hard to know what to expect when changes are happening and everything feels new. 

Maybe things are not so easy at home, or your classes this year are more difficult than you expected. That math teacher just explains things so quickly! As we get older, life gets a little more complicated.

The good news? You are not alone! 

Tommy Nelson’s Brave Girls know just how you feel. Between divorcing parents, pesky younger siblings, friend trouble, and even a struggle with dyslexia, they have their share of tough stuff going on. But, they’ve found the thing that carries them through the hard times: each other! 

By leaning on their friendship and on the promises God has given us, they find that life doesn’t have to be so scary or hard. Do you have a group of friends you can talk to about real-life anxiety and struggles? Who are they? Make a list of people you can talk to and who you can support. 

If no one comes to mind right away, make a point to look around you tomorrow. Do you see another girl who could use a friend? Who is sitting alone at lunch? Is there a girl hiding behind her book in the hall after class? Reach out! It could be the start of a lifelong friendship! 

How will you be a good friend this week?