Katie and Abby The October/November issue of Discovery Girls is always all about best friends, so we decided to ask our Kentucky Discovery Girls about why their best friends are special! In this DG Blog post, you'll hear from the issue's three (yes, three!) Katie's! They may share a name, but their friendships are one-of-a-kind...
Vannesa Hudgens and Zac Efron Vanessa and Zac (and Corbin, Monique, and Ashley) will be teaching High School Musical 2 fans how to groove to some of the movie's songs tomorrow night! Before you learn the steps, find out what Vanessa told DG about Zac--and her little sis!
Fashion...gotta love it!I can't believe it! My internship at DG is almost over! Like you, I'll be heading back to school soon. I'll be a senior in high school which is definitely exciting, but not nearly as exciting as my summer here at DG has been! One of the best parts about my internship? Getting to learn so much about you! From reading your letters, comments on DiscoveryGirls.com, and your stellar questionnaires, I feel like I know all of you so well! So what better way to say goodbye than with a "Top 6" list of the things I've learned about you this summer:
So many choices! So, do you know what you're wearing on the first day of school yet? Or how you'll accessorize your uniform? I’ll let you in on a secret: Being a fashion editor is a lot like putting together that perfect first-day-of-school outfit. There are so many different (and cute!) styles to choose from for our photo shoots--it's always tough to pick just one or two outfits for each page.
High School Musical 2 We hope you enjoyed High School Musical 2 week on DiscoveryGirls.com. In case you missed the fun, here's how we celebrated the highly-anticipated premiere:
High School Musical 2What time is it? Well, it’s nearly the moment we’ve all been waiting for: the premiere of High School Musical 2! Here at Discovery Girls, the countdown has officially begun. Next Friday at 8 p.m. on Disney Channel, Vanessa, Zac, Corbin, Ashley, Monique, and Lucas will dazzle audiences once again with their tremendous talent. So to celebrate the premiere, you’ll find a week of High School Musical 2 surprises starting Monday, August 13, right here on DiscoveryGirls.com!
So many entries!It's not a secret that we love fashion here at Discovery Girls. So when we decided to feature a contest in the April/May issue, a very stylish idea settled in: How about a fashion design contest?
I'm always discovering something new! Can you keep a secret? I hope so, because I'm about to let you in on what working at a magazine is really like! When I first started my internship at Discovery Girls over a month ago (wow--the time went by so fast!), I had no idea what to expect. I (like you) had all of these crazy ideas about what working at a magazine would be like. I'm ready to admit it, girls! I was flat-out wrong about, well, so much! Here's what I thought, followed by how it really is!
Boho Beat Hey, girls! It's Julia here. You've probably noticed that DG made a special Collector's Edition, the Girls' Survival Guide 2007. But did you know that it comes with two gifts, and one is a cute pink mini-book called the Style Guide?
Stacie had a 'ball' at the shoot! When we caught up with Girls' Survival Guide 2007 cover girl, Stacie, she was running…out the door! And that’s no surprise--Stacie's summer is packed! She volunteers every morning at her local church, and, today, she was on her way to get a haircut. Lucky for us, Stacie was more than happy to chat on her sister's cell phone in the minutes before her trim. (Thanks, Stacie!) Here are all her answers to your questions!


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