Celebrate the unconditional love that puppies/and all dogs bring to people's lives.

Throughout the world there are approximately 500-600 million dogs, including strays.

That is a lot of love!

World Water Day serves to raise awareness about water issues such as sanitation problems and water shortages in many parts of the world.

Pitch in to conserve and keep it clean.

International day of Happiness...what better day to celebrate Happiness then on the First day of Spring AKA Vernal Equinox. Get out and spread some sunshine!

Every year, St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated around the globe with shamrocks, leprechauns and lots of green.

hint: Pi is the ratio between the circumference (the distance around the circle) and diameter (the distance through the center of the circle)

(serves 6 to 8 as an appetizer or side salad)

Spring your clocks forward 1 hour before bed on Saturday night.

International Women’s Day celebrates women’s achievements throughout the world. To promote equality & appreciation and encourage support toward women everywhere.