How can I get my comments published on the DG web site?

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Hey there DG readers! We love that so many of you comment on our blogs and other web site features, and we love reading all of your comments! While we do have a group of people dedicated to reading and approving all of your comments, we unfortunately can't publish them all.

Why you ask? Well, we have a few rules and regulations regarding the types of comments we can and can't publish! All of these are for your safety and well being and to ensure everyone has a great experience on our web site! To help you out, and help your next comment get published, we thought we would give you some easy tips and guidelines to follow!

  • Negative comments: Never try to put another blogger down. Even if you don't agree with what they post, please try to respect and support other's opinions.
  • Web site mentions: Please do not put any links to other websites in your posts. Posts with links in them will be automatically deleted (no matter how great the comment is).
  • Stay on topic: All comments should relate to the post you are commenting on. For example, if the category you are blogging on is titled "Back to School Tips," please don't leave a comment about puberty. Instead find a blog about the content you want to comment on!
  • "Come to my state" comments: While we would love to go to every state, unfortuantly, time does not allow, feel free to leave these comments on Next Stop blogs, but remember to stay on topic!
  • Graphic comments: If your comment is too graphic and detailed in terms of puberty or boys, we cannot publish it.
  • Celebrity slams and brand-bashing comments: While not everyone agrees on what celebrity or brand they like, insults of any kind are not okay on
  • Derogatory text/bad words are absolutely not tolerated.
  • Other Tips: When choosing your DG screen name, do not make your user name the same as your email address or IM screen name.
  • Please do not post any information containing where you live (what state you live in is okay) or your birthday.

Thanks so much readers! Despite these rules, we do appreciate all your comments, so keep them coming!