Friendship Tip: Friendship Advice…From DG Readers

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Our readers know a lot about what makes a great friendship! See what they have to say!

“My BFFs are the people that I can share my secrets with and tell all my crazy ideas to. They may laugh at my ideas, but they’re always there for me and they never talk bad about me.”

–Kennedy, age 12, Tenn.

“To have a strong friendship, follow these three simple rules! 1) Work it out: If you and your BFF have a fight, tell each other what's bugging you. You'll both feel a lot better! 2) Be all ears: If your BFF has a problem, really listen to her! Try to understand how she feels—she’ll love you for it! 3)  Keep Secrets: The next time your bud tells you a secret, keep it a secret! If you tell everyone what she said, she'll feel upset and lose trust in you. And if you can't trust your BFF, what's the point of being friends?”

–Anonymous, age 11, Fla.

“A best friend always come straight out with what they have to say. When they’re angry with you, they tell you why instead of spreading rumors and telling another friend. They’re trustworthy, fun to be around, and they make you feel comfortable. That’s what I think makes a best friend and it’s also how you should treat yours—with respect, honesty, loyalty and trust.”

–Courtney, age 12, Mont.