Fitting In: How Important Is It to You?

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We asked our readers how they felt about fitting in. Here’s what we learned:

Most girls feel they’d have to change themselves to fit in…at least at first.



BUT it is worth it?

Girls who’ve tried it say NO.

Our readers share their experiences...

I Was a Bigger Outcast
"I've tried wearing the latest trends, changing my handwriting, and even dressing uncomfortably to look like the cool kids. Changing myself like that didn't make me feel too good at all. I felt weirder and even more of an outcast than ever before"

I Still Long to Fit In
"At my school everyone wants to fit in with the poplular ones. I tried to fit in with them too, but left. We just cared about differnet things. I'm happy with my firends now and can be myself around them, but there is still always a longing feeling when I see the popular group."

I Was Fading...
"I was always confident, but it seemed like it just faded because other people were cooler. So I tried to be something I wasn't. And then I thought that if people only like you for the way you changed, those aren't your true friends. Then I realized that all that stuff I wanted to be—outgoing, cool, silly, fuuny—I already was. I just had a lack of confidence. I am never going to change for anyone again.

I Refuse to Change Myself
"I thought if I fit in with the popular kids, I would have some power and control. So I changed the wayI acted and the way I talked. At first it made me feel confident. But I left that group becuase I didn't like the way they treated me and other peole. Now, I wouldnt change myself to fit in. I am just me."  


What about you?  Is fitting in with "that" group important to you?

Have you changed yourself to fit in?  Tell us about it!