Discovery Girls and Their BFFs (Part 1)

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The October/November issue of Discovery Girls is always all about best friends, so we decided to ask our Kentucky Discovery Girls about why their best friends are special! In this DG Blog post, you'll hear from the issue's three (yes, three!) Katie's! They may share a name, but their friendships are one-of-a-kind...

Katie and Abby

Katie and Abby"I love Abby's unique ways of solving complicated problems, making a funny situation out of an awkward moment, and being true to me and to herself. She has some very amazing qualities, like being kind, non-judgmental, funny, trusting, and loyal. She also has the ability to keep a secret. These qualities mean that she is a good person on the inside and out!"

Katie and Casey

Katie and Casey"One of the things that makes our friendship special is that we both laugh easily. If Casey didn't crack jokes, we'd have a pretty boring friendship! Something that we only do together is to tell each other secrets. We've promised that if the other person says, "Don't tell anyone," you don't tell anyone! We also love to play pranks on each other. With Casey, I'm always positive that she won't get mad."

Katie and Bethany

Katie and Bethany"I love how Bethany and I can sort of read each other's minds. We can just give each other a knowing glance and speak through our eyes. I find myself looking at her sometimes at the same time that she's turning to look at me!" Keep checking the DG Blog for more of the Kentucky Discovery Girls and their BFFs! And don't miss the Discovery Girls October/November "Best Friends" issue!