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Marcella tells us what it was like to be a Nevada Discovery Girl in the April/May issue, and shares her own photos from the experience!

Why did you decide to apply to be a Discovery Girl? How did you find out DG was coming to your state and how did you feel when you found out?

I decided to try and become a Nevada Discovery Girl the minute I read the letter that came in the mail telling us that DG was looking for girls from my state, because I love Discovery Girls magazine and have been reading it for a long time.  I was so excited to fill out the questions and go through pictures with my mom to decide what to send….it made me feel like a real writer, which is what I want to be when I grow up.  I kept asking my mom almost every day if she’d heard anything about who was picked, and when the deadline passed we all just figured I did not make it.  I was super sad but my mom said it was okay because lots of girls entered and all of them wanted to do it too.

Did you do anything special to make your questionnaire stand out? How long did it take you to put it together? How did you feel after you submitted your questionnaire?

For my questions, I just wanted to show what girls in Nevada are like. My family travels all over the world and I travel to a different state each weekend for dance training, so we are not just small town people in a small state. A lot of the time I think that is what people think of when they think of Nevada…because it doesn’t have a huge population like California next door.  People here are just like everyone else, especially girls (I think).  Picking pictures took longer than the questions but it was fun. All of it was fun. I love to write.  I felt good about what I sent in.

This is a pic of me all dressed up for an Irish Dance Competition:

How did you find out you were selected as a Discovery Girl? And how did you feel when you first found out?

On September 12, when they called my mom to tell her I was picked, I was at school, so she made a big poster and gave it to my Principal to give to me after school.  I was really embarrassed but I was so excited it made my stomach hurt.  I had already tried to tell myself I didn’t make it and it was okay, but when I was picked it felt really great!!!!!!!

What did you do to prepare for the shoot? How did you pick your outfit?

To prepare we went shopping because they wanted us to wear spring clothes and it is already fall here; all of my spring clothes were gone because I grew over the summer.  Shopping was fun.  It made me feel like a model because my mom kept telling everyone what we were doing (which was so embarrassing).  I liked the theme that DG picked of Alice in Wonderland and I wanted to dress like Alice at the tea party, so we went shopping for that. It was hard to decide what props to bring for the other photo shoot because of course I had to bring my Irish Dance Shoes but I also wanted to bring my Miss America Princess crown (for two years I have represented Nevada with the Miss America organization and I am proud of that too). We had to buy airplane tickets and rent hotel rooms and tell all of our friends in Las Vegas we were coming to town (I was born in Las Vegas and lived there the first half of my life and still have friends there too) because Reno is too far away from the photo shoot to drive.

What did you do at the Behind the Scenes shoot? On the studio day?

The behind the scenes shoot was at the ice cream place which was really cool and we got so many treats.  It was the most interesting to meet all of the other girls from Nevada and I made two really good friends that day.  I liked having pictures taken and lots of people in the ice cream place thought we were famous, which was hilarious (everyone thought we were girls from a TV show).  On the studio day it was cool to learn how a magazine takes pictures and how you get people ready.  It was cool to have a makeup person and to have someone focus just on you for pictures.  It was amazing to be a model for a day, a real model.

What was your favorite part of the shoot?

My favorite part of the shoot was meeting the other girls from Nevada and seeing what the girls from all over were like.  It made me feel good to represent our state and to be there with everyone and I love Las Vegas because it is where I was born.

Flying home....Las Vegas airport with another Reno DG BFF on the same flight!

Is there anything you want to tell our readers about being a Discovery Girl?

Being a Discovery Girl makes me feel proud. It makes me feel like I won something, like I worked hard and tried my best and got a big prize, and it makes me feel like I am part of Nevada and I hope girls from everywhere think our state is a fun place to be from.  I want to say thank you for everyone who did all the things to make this magazine happen.  You may not know how special you made us all feel, but without Discovery Girls Magazine we would not have had this cool time together!


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