Best Binder Covers

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You can show off your amazing personality at school this year with these great binder covers! These binder covers can be as special and unique as you are! Choose your favorite colors, decorations and even pictures to cover your binder with your favorite memories and fun moments. You will need: -Scrapbooking paper (or just plain white paper) -Decorations (we used paper flowers, rhinestones, ribbon and foam soccer balls—you can use whatever you want!) -Photos (if you want) -Markers or pens -Glue -Scissors Directions: 1.Cut the paper to the right size so it can fit in your binder cover. 2.Use whatever decorations you want to express yourself! You can put photos of your family, friends, you or your pet! You can use ribbons, rhinestones, stickers, or draw something! 3.Once you’ve decided on your decorations, arrange them on your paper to see if you like you design. Then begin gluing them to the paper. 4.Here’s a tip: write your name and class on your binder in case you ever lose it—then someone can return it! 5.Once the glue has dried, put into the plastic sleeve on your binder and show all your friends at school how creative you are! For a fun afternoon, get together with your friends and decorate your binders together; you may even get to know new things about your friends!