Be a DG Star: Gloria's Tips!

Hi, girls! It’s Gloria again! I hope you’ve had a chance to check out the February/March issue! I had such a blast working on it with the DG staff! One of my jobs as a DG intern is to read all of your questionnaires, and I’ve read hundreds. I even helped choose the Nevada Discovery Girls! What do we look for in the DG questionnaires, and how can you make yours stand out? Read on, because I have tips! Tip #1

Tip #1: Be Creative!

Why? Because it will set your questionnaire apart! Questionnaires that are presented in a cute, unique way stand out! One Discovery Girl made a scrapbook as her questionnaire, and pasted her answers on each page. Another drew illustrations to help explain her answers. One girl even used Photoshop to make her own Discovery Girls cover! If you put a lot of effort into your questionnaire and make it look different, we will definitely notice! Tip #2

Tip #2: We Want Details, Details, Details!

Read the questions carefully, and then explain--with details--what you mean when you answer. Providing examples definitely help. For instance, if you write that your grandmother inspired you, let us know why. What did she do in her life, and what special times did you spend--or have you spent--together? Your dream is to become a pediatrician someday? Why did you choose that profession? You play five sports? What have you learned about yourself and your teammates by playing each sport, and are there ever days when you feel discouraged (or inspired)? Putting thought into your responses helps us to get to know the real you. So don’t be shy about writing down all of your thoughts and dreams! It will only help! Tip #3

Tip #3: Include a Photo and a Parent’s Signature!

Remember to send a recent photo of yourself and have your questionnaire signed by a parent! We’ve had so many girls send in great questionnaires that didn’t come with a photo or a parent’s signature. Without both your picture and your parent’s signature, we can’t consider you to be a Discovery Girl, no matter how well you’ve answered the questions! So don’t forget to include the photo and the signature!

Some Bonus Tips…

Tell us about your embarrassing moments and Worst Day stories! Not only do these stories give you another chance to be in the magazine, they also give us more opportunities to get to know the amazing person that you are! The more you have to say, the better!

And Remember…

We read every questionnaire that we receive, so keep them coming girls! Start writing one by downloading it here. I know all of you girls will send in amazing questionnaires after reading my tips, so get started! Next stop is Tennessee! Do you want to know anything else about becoming a Discovery Girl? Ask questions as comments to this post! I can’t wait to start reading all of your great questionnaires! Gloria


Hi! I saw that New York was listed as one of the states you will visit next! I am so excited! I worked on my questionnare over the summer and sent it in back in september! I REALLY REALLY REALLY hope u guys come to New York soon! It would be sooo cool to be a discovery girl! I hope I get picked! Well, u never know! I wish everyone else the best of luck too! --Emy
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I can't wait until you visit NY. I'm working on my questionare now and I'm having a lot of fun doing it. I hope you visit NY soon. As Emy said it would be totally cool to be a discovery girl!! I hope I get picked too! It has been my dream to be a model. I wish you luck too Emy. -Emily

I just finished filling out the questionare and had a total blast doing it. All I have to do is take a few pictures of me, print them out and send it in!! I can't wait until you visit NY!! Can't wait to read the next issue of DG! -Emily

I finished my NY questionaiire a while ago but I keep goin over it I really really want 2 be a Discovery Girl cuz I am gonna be 12 in May so it is my only chance The tip about creativity might help alot though good luck luvyas chey

They have suchh cute clothess

they have reallllllllllllly cute clothes and i think it would be soooooooooo awesome 2 spend a day with girls around my age and go somewhere and have a ton of fun i am sooooooo excited but i dont want 2 get my hopes up cuz then i would be realllllly upset if i dont get in luvyas chey

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OMG!!!! The discovery gals get that good life. Clothes, cover of magazines, STARS!!!! Gosh, I'd love to be a discovery girl.
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i have such cute shoes and cloths

im gonna b 13 in may. may 20th, 2 b exact. but dg isnt coming 2 my st8 soon, so im depressed. >:(

same. same. same. •Vanessa

i dont remember when they came to PA last but i'm turning 13 really soon and i already filled out my questionaire and i hope i get picked! hurry DG and come to PA!!!!!!!!! :(

hey what is a NY questionaiire?

Omg it is so fun to be a DG cover girl! Whoever gets picked will have a lot of fun on the set! Good Luck NY girls! ~Hannah~*

I filled out the questionnaire but I don't think I have much luck! :( Because you have ALREADY visited WA and I wasn't really into DG then! :(:( So I don't really have any chance.

I'm so scared! I sent in my questionare today, but I don't think I'll get picked. :( I don't think my answers were good enough! Gloria, I have a question for you. Please answer it ASAP so I can stop worrying!!! If you don't believe the same thing that a person writes will you still pick them if their answers are really well answered? I am dying to know, because I put a lot of my beliefs into the questions! I really want to get picked, so I hope I still have a chance! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE RESPOND BACK!! I DON'T WANT TO GO MONTHS WONDERING!! THANKS SO MUCH!! -Emily
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hi im confused about the whole age limit thing for DG. can someone tell me! is it 13 or 12. someone tell me b4 i send in a questionare in 4 ohio and they "reject" it cuz im 2 old. someone tell me plz!!! xoxo

thanx 4 telling me it waz 12....but im 13!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxo emily ~beach bum

if you are 12 can you be a dg star? cause there are lots of girls in the mag are 12 HHHEEELLLPPP!!!!!!!!!

Hey, I have a subscription, and I have seen one 14 year old and a few 13 year olds. So I am still pondering whether or not the limit is 12...

Yeah you are right I hope they come to Michigan it would be so so cool to be a discovery girl and be in a magazine!!!!!!!

It's totally my dream, too. It would be one of the coolest things that ever happened to me if I was a discovery girl! I absolutely love the magazine. It's great that they're coming to NY! Thanks so muh, DG!

good luck emy!!!!!!!

wats a quistioneer,i thought you cud only do it if they come to ur state soon?I live in california

If I ever get to go to any state I want I think I would go to Tennessee because #1 thats were Miley Cyrus was born and #2 Tennessee reminds me of BBQ sauce and I love BBQ sauce. ~Summer
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u can only be a discovery girl if they come to ur state y did u ask that???..well i live in arkansas

Does anyone know when they'll be visiting PA? I live here, and I REALLY wanna be a Discorvery Girl! I'm 11, so I only have lke, a year and a half until I'm 13 and too old!

Are you visiting Pittsburgh Pa? i hope you do!

Omigosh!! I love Da Burgh!!! : ) But anyway, GO STEELERS!!! Oh, and Pitt just ROCKS this year!! I hope they win the NCAA Championships!!!

Pittsburgh is pretty cool.... BUT PHILLY'S JUST AS GOOD!!! GO EAGLES!!!!!!!! GO PHILLIES!!!!!!!!

when r u gonna visit PA? i cant wait till u guys do cuz i luv ur magazine & it would be so cool to be a discovery girl!

Even though Nd has only about 600,000 people in the whole state, we're girls like everyone else, and more important, we want to be a discovery girl! Why do more populated and more famous states get to be on it? Has ND ever been on it????!!!!

Yes, Visit north Dakota is right! I wish I could be a Discovery Girl, but now I'm going to be too old but I wish some other North Dakotan girls could get the chance to be a Discovery Girl! It would be nice if ND could get to be on it.

I totally agree! None of the small states ever get a chance. Stop picking popular places!

when are they going to come to IL????!!!! I love dg and reallly want to be one!

I know exactly how you guys feel! DG is going to Tenessee, and my state is so close! I live in Alabama!!! I want to be a DG SO BAD!!! YOu do the math: DG + Alabama = :( It's no fair!!!!!!!!!!! ~Arianna~*

I live in Canada Alberta and not one magazine that I have seen have Canadians in it. At least a magazine came to a state close to yours!! -Alberta Girl

I can't wait until you come to Pennsylvania!! I finished the Q's and i cant wait to send them.!! -Lindz

When are they coming to New York? How do you fill out the questionnare and where do u get it? I would love to be picked!!! -Victoria <3

hey,Emy im doin the same here from New York!!!!hope i see ya there!! From~Emy!!!!!!!!

I would love to be a DG girl! I wish both of us can be DG girls. But I'm from IL, not NY, like u. Ilove thir magazines too!

Emy How did u know if you got picked or not? I want to become one too but if they don`t respond to me It will jut be a waste of my time. Get back to me soon. Han

I can't believe you guys are coming to New York! I've been working sooo hard to get perfect pics and to fill my questionnaire COMPLETELY. Good luck to all the New York discovery girls and I hope I get to see some of you there at the photo shoot and "meeting". XOXO! Love Always From Your New York Discovery Girl, Lexi

Yea I am from NY so i am sooo exited!!! I know everyone cant be picked but REALLY HOPE I DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Allyyyy<33

DG is sooo much fun! All the people there a great and the girls were amazing! When filling out my questionair I really tried to be myself, not someone I thought DG would like, because they like everything about you.......good, and bad. DG was such a great experience and they rock!

Hi, I am filling out theTennessee questionairre and I just wanted to say that peple make fun of our "southern" accent and it is no fair and it makes us feel bad. If you are reading this, just take note that nobody that I know has an accent and it is rude to make fun of us. if you are somebody that does this...................please, STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

cool i've heard that before i've stopped and i try totellmyfriends

I wish you good luck on your questionier, Me and my sister are gonna do the questionier for Pennsylvaina hopefully they will be close to philadelphia

hey i just wanted to say that discovery girls has help me a lot , and I've sent 2 questionnaires but you guys hardly come to Canada ,even if you do you only choose 12 girls out of a whole country you should at least do 2 magazines for Canada !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please


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