5 Ways to Tell Your Friends You’re Thankful for Them

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5 Ways to Tell Your Friends You’re Thankful for Them

Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful for family members, pets, your house, and the food you eat, but what about your friends? Here are five great ways to show your friends how grateful you really are for them, no matter what time of year it is.

Decorate cards for your friends filled with kind words and things that you love about them. Tell them why they’ve been such good friends to you.

Create crafts for your pals that they’re sure to love. Knit a scarf in a friend’s favorite color or make an inspiring poster she can hang in her room. 

Throw a sleepover and let a friend make all of the choices so that she feels super-special, like what kind of pizza to order and which movie to watch.

Make a big deal out of your BFF’s birthday. Make her cupcakes that just the two of you can share or throw a surprise party for her. Show her how much you care about her.

If your pal has been an amazing friend to you, don’t keep it to yourself! Whether it’s in a note, email, text, or saying it in person, be sure to tell your friend what a good friend she has been to you. You’ll definitely put a smile on her face!