5 Ways to Decorate a Sugar Cookie

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The holidays are here, and you know what that means?! Cookies! Decorating sweet treats is a festive activity that you can do with a parent, your siblings, or your friends, and it doesn’t get much easier than decorating sugar cookies. Ask a parent to help you make a batch of plain sugar cookies, and let the decorating begin. 


Use brightly-colored frosting to make your cookies pop, and add some edible metallic decorations to add some bling to your treats.


For wintry sweets, use blue frosting and sprinkle on some snowflake-shaped sprinkles. Brrr-eautiful! 


Make simple and sweet cookies as gifts for your best pals. Use a heart-shaped cookie cutter and decorate them in pretty pastel icing. 


Shake some sparkly, colorful sugar on top of the cookies for a bit of pizzazz. 


It’s easy to make these melting snowman cookies! Spread white frosting to look like a “puddle” and place a marshmallow on top. Make the face, scarf, arms, and buttons using tube icing. Your friends and family are to giggle when they see these funny treats!