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Well, summer is officially over, the other interns are gone, and soon it will be time for me to head off to my first year of college! Before I depart, though, I thought I'd leave you with something serious and fun: a list of what I’ve learned at DG this summer!


1. BFF’s aren’t always forever.

I can't even begin to tell you how many letters we've gotten from girls who refer to someone who "used to be" their BFF. It seems like once you reach junior high, girls that were your closest buds in elementary school suddenly seem like total strangers. Believe me, I've been there, too. Every girl experiences that lonely feeling that can come with getting older. People change. They grow apart, and there's nothing wrong with that. Just because you’re no longer BFFs doesn’t mean she won’t still hold a special place in your heart. After all, she's the only one in the world who knows you’re still afraid of the dark…

2. Adults need help from you!

I'm not saying that parents don't give totally good advice and stuff. I mean, my mom helped me through BFF issues, bad grades, and bra shopping! What I am saying is that, sometimes, you have to educate them. For instance, if you're totally jamming to Aly & AJ on your iPod, and your dad is still buying you Barney CDs, tell him what's up! Sometimes parents just don’t realize how quickly their kids are growing up. You have to clue them in (kindly!).

3. You know "what’s hot"!

Since I don't watch TV or go to the movies often, I'm usually clueless when it comes to Hollywood talk. But since working at DG, I’ve learned so much about the coolest new shows and music! For example, after hearing so many of you rave about the Jonas Brothers, I picked up their album and am proud to say that I know the words to all the songs now! They're my new favorite band, and I would have never found them if it weren’t for all those web comments and letters from their adoring fans. Good taste in music, girls!

4. Everyone cares what people think of them…at least a little.

People always say, "Don't worry what others think," or "Just be yourself!" Well, you know what? You say it's hard to be completely yourself when there are eyes ready to judge you all the time. It's hard to ignore the opinions of others when you’re hearing them all day long. So I say that it’s okay to wonder what people think of you! The trick is not to let those thoughts control your life. Just keep what other people think in the back of your mind, and make your own choices.

5. Clothes + Accessories = Fun

You've written in about how it sometimes takes hours to pick out an outfit, or that you spend entire weekends at the mall. I say, "What’s wrong with that?" If you forget about brand names, prices, and what’s "in," clothes are a way to express your individuality. You can mix, match, and even create your own pieces. You become like a walking work of art! Cool! (And I can't even begin to tell you how much fun I had digging through accessories with the models from the October/November hairstyles photo shoot!) Although this may be the end of my summer internship at the DG office, it’s not an official goodbye! I'll still be reading all of your mail from my dorm room and writing whenever I get the chance. And, of course, I'll keep answering your pressing questions on DiscoveryGirls.com. I absolutely can't leave DG completely! I love you all too much! Promise to keep in touch, and keep teaching me all about you! Later, chicas! <3 Lyn P.S. For all of you still in the dark on IM lingo, <3 is a sideways heart. Do you see it?