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I can't believe it! My internship at DG is almost over! Like you, I'll be heading back to school soon. I'll be a senior in high school which is definitely exciting, but not nearly as exciting as my summer here at DG has been! One of the best parts about my internship? Getting to learn so much about you! From reading your letters, comments on, and your stellar questionnaires, I feel like I know all of you so well! So what better way to say goodbye than with a "Top 6" list of the things I've learned about you this summer:

1. You have huge dreams for your future.

All of you dream big! Although most of you aspire to be singers, actresses, or dancers, one reader wrote that she wanted to be a professional at "speed stacking" (a game played with cups!) when she grew up! Another 11-year-old girl wrote: "All my activities have sparked an interest in becoming a photographer, a detective or spy, a chef, an author, a fashion designer, an interior decorator, a vet, a singer, and a mom when I get older." Wow! This girl takes "dream big" to the extreme! I love it!

2. You have so many activities!

From dance to drama to sports to reading (one girl wrote that she's on a competitive jump rope team!), the possibilities are endless! You’re all so busy, busy, busy--I'm just so impressed that you can do it all!

3. You love your buds!

Friends are one of the most important things in your lives and, although you may fight and not always get along, you know how important it is that they always have your back! BFFs and ever!

4. You're fearless!

Your questionnaires and embarrassing moments are all written without fear! You are all so open to sharing your problems and troubles with us here at DG, and you're never afraid to laugh at yourself! (That’s the best quality of all!) Sometimes, I laugh so hard at all your embarrassing moments that I can't wait to read the next one! (I love laughing with you!) I don’t know that I could have been so open and honest at your age. I’m so proud of you all!

5. You’re all so unique!

Well, sort of. You’re all unique in your own way. You each have distinct personalities (they totally come through in your questionnaires!), amazing senses of style, and you all have something different and special to bring to Discovery Girls. There are some things you do share: You all write about boys and friendship problems. I definitely realized from your letters that girls all over the United States and Canada (and even around the world!) have the same problems, worries, and fears about their middle school years. It’s definitely safe to say you’re never alone!

6. You love being a girl!

Fashion...gotta love it!You wouldn't want to be a boy for all the money in the world! As all of you pointed out in your questionnaires, being a girl is the absolute best! You can wear absolutely anything you want, from T-shirts and jeans to dresses and skirts! You have more freedom to accessorize and, of course, you get to go shopping! We can play any sport from volleyball and softball to soccer and even football. We can do anything! As you can see, I've learned so much from you girls and I've have grown a ton as a member of the DG staff this summer. Not only have I been able to do what I love, I've also gotten to work for a magazine that I used to subscribe to during my middle school years! But, best of all, I've gotten to know all of you--your fears, your plans, and your happiest and most exciting moments! And thanks for reading my blog posts! I'll miss you guys! But don’t forget: Just because I’m gone doesn’t mean that Discovery Girls is! Keep reading the magazine, visiting, and leaving comments to my post. I’ll still read them all, promise! Love, Larua