Laura's Last Blog...for Now!

I can't believe it! My internship at DG is almost over! Like you, I'll be heading back to school soon. I'll be a senior in high school which is definitely exciting, but not nearly as exciting as my summer here at DG has been! One of the best parts about my internship? Getting to learn so much about you! From reading your letters, comments on, and your stellar questionnaires, I feel like I know all of you so well! So what better way to say goodbye than with a "Top 6" list of the things I've learned about you this summer:

1. You have huge dreams for your future.

All of you dream big! Although most of you aspire to be singers, actresses, or dancers, one reader wrote that she wanted to be a professional at "speed stacking" (a game played with cups!) when she grew up! Another 11-year-old girl wrote: "All my activities have sparked an interest in becoming a photographer, a detective or spy, a chef, an author, a fashion designer, an interior decorator, a vet, a singer, and a mom when I get older." Wow! This girl takes "dream big" to the extreme! I love it!

2. You have so many activities!

From dance to drama to sports to reading (one girl wrote that she's on a competitive jump rope team!), the possibilities are endless! You’re all so busy, busy, busy--I'm just so impressed that you can do it all!

3. You love your buds!

Friends are one of the most important things in your lives and, although you may fight and not always get along, you know how important it is that they always have your back! BFFs and ever!

4. You're fearless!

Your questionnaires and embarrassing moments are all written without fear! You are all so open to sharing your problems and troubles with us here at DG, and you're never afraid to laugh at yourself! (That’s the best quality of all!) Sometimes, I laugh so hard at all your embarrassing moments that I can't wait to read the next one! (I love laughing with you!) I don’t know that I could have been so open and honest at your age. I’m so proud of you all!

5. You’re all so unique!

Well, sort of. You’re all unique in your own way. You each have distinct personalities (they totally come through in your questionnaires!), amazing senses of style, and you all have something different and special to bring to Discovery Girls. There are some things you do share: You all write about boys and friendship problems. I definitely realized from your letters that girls all over the United States and Canada (and even around the world!) have the same problems, worries, and fears about their middle school years. It’s definitely safe to say you’re never alone!

6. You love being a girl!

Fashion...gotta love it!You wouldn't want to be a boy for all the money in the world! As all of you pointed out in your questionnaires, being a girl is the absolute best! You can wear absolutely anything you want, from T-shirts and jeans to dresses and skirts! You have more freedom to accessorize and, of course, you get to go shopping! We can play any sport from volleyball and softball to soccer and even football. We can do anything! As you can see, I've learned so much from you girls and I've have grown a ton as a member of the DG staff this summer. Not only have I been able to do what I love, I've also gotten to work for a magazine that I used to subscribe to during my middle school years! But, best of all, I've gotten to know all of you--your fears, your plans, and your happiest and most exciting moments! And thanks for reading my blog posts! I'll miss you guys! But don’t forget: Just because I’m gone doesn’t mean that Discovery Girls is! Keep reading the magazine, visiting, and leaving comments to my post. I’ll still read them all, promise! Love, Larua


I will miss you even though i havent met you. you seem like a good person.I write to dg all the time,... although my letters dont get published....i still love dg. It would be sooooo cool to be a dg intern, even thogh i live in PA. also, i would love to meet Catherine. Is she nice? wats she like? I wish soooo badley to be a discovery girl. Good luck on your senior year!
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wow being a discovery girl intern is exciting its probably really sad that you have to leave and go back to school, well wish you luck in your future

I wish you didn't have to go! Good luck in school!


you are so great you inspired me to fill out a questionnarie thank for encourageing me.

totally!!! i would like cry mye little blue eyes out!!!!!!!!!! hope you have a great school year laura!! and what ever you decide to go into at collage, good luck!!! i know a lot of (!) lol bye byes ppls!!

hey laura hi have read your blogs all summer! I would love to be an inturn for DG! I so hope you can be back next year!

come back any time
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i hope you do good in school you sound so nice!

I hope you can come back next year as an intern! I loved reading your blogs (ofcourse I liked everyone elses too!) You sound so nice it would be so much fun to be a intern. Im glad your the one who got the chance to be an intern. Goo Luck

i hope you had a great time sounds like you loved it!!!!! i would too

BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FOR NOW

well miss you we will really miss you come and visit some time we will really miss you:(

i'll miss you laura!!

I'm gonna miss you! Do good in school and PLEASE come back!!!

good luck at school! we'll miss u so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG I'm going back to school too! Wow it must 've really been fun working at Discovery Girls. Its the best magazine in the world!!!!!! you really got a good understanding of tween girls! I have huge dreams for the future and I love being unique too! I want to be a writer and/or artist someday, and I want to inspire other girls like me as well. Rock on Laura! you have a bright future ahead of you. Oh and wish me good luck in 7th grade!!! ---Emy

I will miss ya laura great blog!

i hope you had a great time working 4 this magazine you are so lucky!!!

Thanks so much! I hope you have a good time at school and you learn a lot! Plus I hope you can come back to DG soon! Miss you!

bye Laura! i'll miss u. have an awsome year in high school i love is my favorite magazine.Kate age 11 i love middle school so far

Hey Laura! It has been really fun reading your comments! I hope you come back next summer! Be sure to visit your DG co workers!

I'll miss you, Laura!

i'll miss u hope u com back katelyn

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE come back again! You had a hard job too!

laura, you're so cool- i will miss you!

I'm gonna miss ya so bad!! It must be so cool being a DG intern!! Well, best luck in you SENIOR year, and i hope u come nack next year!!! Love, Rachel

I would love to have your job! it would be so cool to be working on something everyone around the globe to see. if i was an intern and designed a page, it would be so cool to look through a magazine a say "hey! i designed this page!" i have a question about the IN issue.... when will it come out and do the discovery girls of the issue get to see the issue earlier than other viewers? also, when will the latest video come out?

we are gonna miss u laura! i hope u get a job at dg, cuz that wud b awesome. thinkin of u!

GOOD LUCK AT SCHOOL LAURA!!!!! I have had SO much fun reading your blog!!! I hope you have a magnificent year in high school! good luck! a DG fan! =)

Great job with being such a successful intern! If you ask me you're sure someone to look up to! I am gonna miss you sooooooo much! And I'm sure everyone else at DG and the readers will, too! Good luck with school, we're so happy for you! Goodbye, Caroline KY

laura ive been a big fan of yours. i want to be a discovery girls intern too. i hope you can come again. MerryDeath a HUGE! fan

when i grow up i wanna spend a summer being a dg internship it seems so much fun!please come back next year!

Wow I have never knew that people from DG can be so rememberable!!-Rb

i'll miss your blogs! :( i wish you could stay or come back next summer.hope ya have fun at school!!!!!!! :) <3 <3

Oh well do have fun! Hope you had fun too! Well i wish you all my heart and TONS and TONS of all luck! ~Hannah

Hey Laura, good luck. I hope you enjoyed interning for DG. This magazine TOTTALY rocks!

dear laura you are so nice! i would miss working in DG too. i sent in my questionnaire in for illinois. i am really hoping to be called. this magazine is awesome. my bff applied with me and we have known each other since we were 5! i am glad you had fun working for DG

Thank you! Miss ya tons! Come back soon!


Bye LAura! Thanks 4 making DG as best as it can be! Good luck with whatever you do. Thx! :)

Laura, it was great reading your blog entries... We'll miss you lots! Good luck in high school!

I absolutley LOVED ur blogs! hope you have a great high school year! (i know im having a great 5th grade year so far!)

Well, Laura I have a question r u coming back next summer? If not why not? Please Come back! ~ Lauren

Laura!!!!!!!!!! Your blogs have been delightful and I am SO sorry to see you go... *tear* *tear* From, OM

we will miss you soooo much !!! good luck ♬♫♪

♬♫♪ Omg.. I hope you come back

we will miss you soooo much !!! good luck ♬♫♪

That would not be fun leaving DG, even though I dont work there, looking at every magazine you can see the happiness bounce all around it from the great hard work the Discovery Girls Team has done. Good luck with whatever your going to do, and I feel bad that you have to leave Discovery Girls, I loved reading your blogs.


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