Inside the Style Guide

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Hey, girls! It's Julia here. You've probably noticed that DG made a special Collector's Edition, the Girls' Survival Guide 2007. But did you know that it comes with two gifts, and one is a cute pink mini-book called the Style Guide? The Style Guide is 32 pages of fashion tips, cool outfit ideas, and fun hairstyles. I had a blast putting it together for you! Boho BeatMy favorite section is "Mix 'n Match." We take basic pieces, like jeans and a plain tee, and show you how to make totally different outfits by adding some standout accessories. My favorite "Mix 'n Match" look is "Boho Beat" (page 14) because I love the idea of layering a dress over jeans. So cute! I'm also loving the hair tips in "Five Days of Styles." We show you super simple and totally cute ways to rock your hair type. Sometimes all it takes is a little clip or a pretty headband to make a bad hair day into a fab hair day! If you have the Style Guide already, tell me…what's your favorite "Mix 'n Match" look? And what hairstyles have you tried? Oh, yeah--and did the Style Guide inspire you to create some looks of your own? I'd love to know! XOXO! Julia!