"I'm a DG Intern!"

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Hey, girls! My name is Laura and I have the dream summer job: I'm an intern at Discovery Girls!

I'm busy today! I've been here for about two weeks and I'm having the time of my life! Sure, I was nervous at first. I mean, I'd be working at a national magazine! And the night before, I was even a bit worried. (What if no one liked me? I wanted to make a good impression!) But after I arrived, met the amazing staff, and got my first assignments, I just knew DG was beyond a perfect fit for me! Me at 10!How did my first day go? Well, to give you a sense of how I felt, you should know that I subscribed to DG when I was your age! I'd always run out to the mailbox, just hoping DG was in there. I think I loved DG so much because it always seemed that real girls (like you!) helped to create it! After just one day as an intern, I found out that it really is true! The Discovery Girls and readers really do help to create most of each issue! I've also realized that running a magazine is hard work! There are the six issues each year plus DG's special projects, like the newest Girls' Survival Guide 2007 (and the bonus Style Guide), not to mention the upcoming book series, and the DG web site! "Busy" doesn't even begin to describe the inside of this office! (But don’t get me wrong—it’s also really, really fun!) DG Cover december/January 2002The biggest shocker? All the mail! I counted every letter that came in the door today and there were close to 100 from girls like you! Just because we get a lot doesn't mean we don't read them all! We do--and it takes hours, days, even weeks, to get through everything. And then, before you know it, there are another 100 new letters in our mailbox! (Keep that mail coming, girls! We want to know what you love about the Girls' Survival Guide 2007 and the June/July issue!) You'll be hearing from me a lot this summer! But you gotta tell me: What would you like to know about what being a DG intern is like? Ask me in comments to this post! I'm just bursting to spill all the secrets! Laura