Fab Girls Guides: Sticky Situations!

Laura Hey, girls! It’s Laura! As most of you know, I was an intern at Discovery Girls last summer, and I had the amazing opportunity of helping to create the Fab Girls Guides! The books are all ready for you to read now, and I’m so excited that you’ll finally get to see what we were working on all summer. I loved working on all of the books, but the Fab Girls Guide to Sticky Situations was definitely my fav to brainstorm for. I can still remember Lyn and I sitting in Catherine's office last June, wracking our brains to come up with every kind of sticky situation we'd ever been in. That’s right: So many of the situations in the book came straight from our middle school days! Most of the "stickies" happened to one of us--or to both of us! all four!What do you do when your crush doesn't like you back? Or how about the time my best friend put my hair in crazy pigtails (they looked hideous!) for the eighth-grade dance? Or the time that Lyn sneezed in front of the entire class during her 5th grade state report? (Yeah--pretty bad!) And, of course, what do you when you spill something on your best friend’s (white!) carpet. And that's just the beginning… All of those situations were tough. I just wish the Fab Girls Guides to Sticky Situations had been around when I was your age! Life would have been so much easier! Now I want to hear from you! What sticky situations have you been in? And what are some of your favorite sticky situations from the Fab Girls Guide to Sticky Situations? Let me know in comments to this post! laura


now, i have this one friend who is annoyingly obnxoxoiis, and she is getting on my last nerve. my birthday is coming up and i dont really want to invite her, but my one Bff who is BfFs w/her, says that is i dont invite her, then she wont come. what shoyuld i do b/c i really want my BFF 2 come.

I've been stuck in those situations before, too. It's a very diffacult situation. I think the best thing to do is talk to your bff. Explain to her that you don't really like this girl and she is kind of annoying. Say it in a nice way though. Tell you bff that you really don't want to invite that girl. Also tell your bff that you really want her to go to your If she goes that's great, but if she doesn't go and misses the most important day in your life, you birthday ,because of something stupid like that, then I don't think she is a true friend. Oh yeah, also tell your friend that she wouldn't want you to miss her birthday because of this, so she shouldn't miss yours. I hope this comment helps!! Good luck with your friend!!

Once me and my friends got in a fight about who would sit by on the swing and my friend said im sitting near her then another friend started getting upset and then all of a sudden they were walking away. Next thing i know they see me sitting on the swing about to swing and guess what. They start racing to the swing next to me and they both got there at the same time and they start pushing and shoving and it starts to get into a fight.1 of my friends says that i got on there first then the other one did. i had to yell loud to make them stop and every one was looking at me. That was an embarrising day.

Elise: I don't think you should hang out with this girl anymore. I mean, think about it: she and this other girl are not being very kind to you, are they? You should find some other friends. Emily: I think you should talk to these girls about what they did and see the reasons why they did this to you. If you can, try to work it out. If you see that it's to the point where you can't, just say, "Look guys, I really enjoy being with you, but I think I need to spend some time with some other people for a little while." They will probably understand, but one more thing to remember: if they still want to be tight with you, try to just not spend so much time with them.

In the frist place, it's hard being friends with three people! But I think that you should just say, You don't have to fight over me! let's just all be friends and sit somewere else! That's the right thing to do!

It's mean to leave anyone out. before u deside not to invite her. Think about how you would feel. fmi (For my informaion) is it a big party? if it's just u and a few close friends then your BFF is being silly. But if it's only the one girl not comeing........

Well if this girl really doesn't like that girl then she shouldn't be forced to invite her. It's her choice. I mean would you want to invite someone that you don't really like? I get where you are coming from though!!

you should invite your bff and her bff and just stay away from her or just ignore what she says. Like this one girl at my birthday party was showing off. The first thing she did was going to a bar and going around and around and around then jumped off barely any body was paying attention to what i was saying to them. Then she went on the pull up bar and did like 32 and started jumping on the trampiline and doing flips i got so upset and just ignored her and did my things that i liked to do then to my surprise everybody was looking at me and being amazed me and my show off friend got back to stopping being jealous of eachother and we were bffwlthsot [best friends forever who like to have sleep overs together]. So you should just tell her your annoying me and can you please just not talk that much if thats ok with you. She will probaly understand and be less annoying and you can be best friends then you dont have to worry about losing your bff and you could also tell your bff that she annoys you so can you tell her that i want her just to stop being annoying and tell your bff and she will tell her friend that then she will probaly understand and she will stop being annoying in the ways you want an dyou can be bffs and wont have to worry about your bff not coming to your birthday party.

Listen If your friend is really that obnoxious and she is relly annoying then dont invite her. I had the same problem I ended up not inviting her. When she heard about it she got really upset. I told her exactly the truth in what she was doing. She understood and we ended up talking and becoming friends.

talk to your friends. Tell her that you like her and say that she would like to invite her but she needs to change her attitude. And to your other friend that if she was really likes you, she would help youind a way.

I guess your only choice is to invite this girl!! I know...ugh!! But, if you want your friend there you have to invite the other girl! I'm sorry, but just try to ignore her!

If that girl really is your best friend, she'll respect your opinion. It's your birthday and your day, you should have the right to do what you want to do without your friend controlling your decision. <3 audrey

If that girl really is your best friend, she'll respect your opinion. It's your birthday and your day, you should have the right to do what you want to do without your friend controlling your decision. <3 audrey

That is SOOOO mean!!! Your oh-so-called "BFF" is threatening you! Talk about old school. Certainly do not invite that mean/annoying girl to your party. If MY BFF says something like that I would just invite different people. She may but you call U'r BFF but she wouldn't be mine. Maybe U need to reconsuder your friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Simply tell her she needs to grow up. she'll understand if you tell her what is happnin'.

i dont thik u shud give into pere presure i know a girl jusk lik ur friend ask you bf u hope she wil change her mind

then that just shows neither of them are your true friends! Invite who YOU want to! Don't let someone else control who you want to hang out with!

Dear Wowed-Out, I have been in the exact same situation before! Maybe you should try to give her a chance! I know it sounds wierd, but maybe you could become friends with her. And if your BFF doesn't come because of you not inviting her, maybe she's not a true friend! Hope this Helps!!!!!!

Talk to both friends about it. +... a true friend would not black mail another friend! Im sure your a bright girl... so dont worry if something goes wrong, you can always find new friends.

Talk to both friends about it. +... a true friend would not black mail another friend! Im sure your a bright girl... so dont worry if something goes wrong, you can always find new friends.

You need to stick up for yourself! Say to your Friend that she needs to understand that you don't wan't to invite her to your party! Say it in a nice caming way and tell her that your hope she understands! If she dosen't tell your mom the situation and mabye she can give you some advice! Best of luck!

Wow, that's tough! I've been there girl. You have three options- 1)Invite her. 2) Don't invite her. 3) Tell your friend that it's your party (politely) and you really don't want her there, and your not trying to be mean. Besides, she can't control who you like. But consider this-does anyone else like her? Make she can hang out with someone else-maybe ur BFF herself? Hope This Helps Aly

well, if it's a small party (with just your closest friends), then you might not want to invite her. It's less likely that she will find out, and her feelings won't be hurt. but it's a big party, then you don't want to exclude her, and what are the chances that she won't find out?

So I have this friend that lives about a hour and a half a way so we don't get to see each other alot so we communicate with instant messaging and e-mail. BUt when were doing IM we end up getting in lots of fights because we say stuff we don't mean and stuff we wouldn't say face to face. We just got in a fight and we said really horrible stuff to each other.HELP! i get to see her this weekend and I dont want to cuz of all the stuff she said to me. Does someone have any ideas? Always, Venus

this is your birthday, you should have it the way you want it. take into consideration what ur bff has 2 say, but dont make your decision all on what she wants. when her birthday comes, she can invite who she wants, but this is your birthday now and its completley your decision.

One of the kids in my class smells really bad. She smells like rotten cheese mixed with sweat. (Yeah, I know pretty disgusting!!) Her smell makes me sick. I feel like I'm going to puke every time I get a whiff of her smell. She sits next to me in Social Studies class and near me in Science class. She keeps sitting in my seat (We don't always have to sit in our assigned seats) and the smell keeps getting stuck on my chair. When I sit on my chair the next day the smell gets wiped off on me. I then have to take an hour shower just to get the smell off me. We talked to one of the teachers and the girl got sent to the nurses office. The nurse talked to her about good hygiene, but her smell hasn't gotten any better. In fact, it's gotten worse. I now, hold my nose when she walks by or when she's near me, but I think I'm hurting her feelings. What should I do? SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!!! Thanks so much!!!

I know how that feels because my brother sometimes comes home from school, and i guess he worked up a sweat and he smells like uuuuuuuhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!It got so bad i couldn't even be next to him!But i don't know how but,it got better abd he's in middle school!So i know how you feel very well!

I know how it feels to have a stinky brother. My brother plays football. I always get mad when he gets into the car.Worst I have to sit right next to him. I hope i'm not the only one who has that problem.

first of all, if u confront her and tell her she mells bad u could hurt her feelings.so why dont u invite your friends over(including her)and have a paryt where u give out good-smelling lotions and shower gel and stuff?then let your guests take home what they want an she might use some of the stuff.hope this helps! love,maddie

if she smaells that bad you shuold write a persuasive latter telling her how you feel. you can also ask the nurse , or the health office to call her in and have a personal talk about hygeine I was in the same situation for a long time and I did what I told you to do. good luck

Thanks so much for the comment!!

Well idk how to help u with the smell, but 1 thing I can tell you is PLEASE don't 1.smell the seat RIGHT when she gets off 2.plug your nose when she walks by 3. Do anything else that will make her feel bad cuz a few years ago, I had a perspiration prob and wasn't aloud to wear deodorant and people were REALLY rude to me. They always held there noses and when I got off a chair they would smell it. I'm better now since I wear DO but plz don't make this girl feel bad. She may be aware of it. Maybe shes not aloud to wear DO. Don't ask her why she stinks or anything. also a few years ago some ppl told my PE teacher and she had to talk to me about it and it wsa REALLY embarrassing. And you probably ARE hurting her feelings. Thats all I can say so Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥♥♥♥ xoxo Kelly

Thanks so much for the coments guys!!

How's it going? guess what happened tday, on my bus we were swerving on like a really sharp turn and i fell out of my seat back pack and all! and my busdriver in cluded and all the kids laughed at me!!!!!! talk about embarassing

Well what you could do is you could not plug your nose as she walks by and just hold your breath. Also you should apoligize for holding your nose. If she sits in your seat sit some where else. Maybe if it gets real bad kindly if you can help her. All you need to do is avoid her.

Thanks for the comment I already apologized.

talk to her shell undestand tell her (in a polite way) that she just needs to shower more often or put antipersperant on. but make sure u tell her in private .

first u should get to be friends with her;get to know her.Then when your her friends with her make stuff to identify your friendship like friendship bracelets. Then when you guys are friends buy you and her body oder.Once you do that tell her that you bought those for you and her to smell the same ;you know so you guys can be identical.oh and befor you buy the deodorant buy some car freshnerthat you like and each time she sits beside you or passes by you just pretend to smell the freshnerand your dad told you to bring it to school for good luck.

maybe for her birthday, as a present, you could get her some body spray or shower gel or good smelling shampoo? Buy an extra deoderant and offer it for her in gym class. or maybe your friend can sit by you instead? or ask about a seat change

I think you should talk to someone about this. I know you talked to the teacher, but try again! And maybe talk to her about it. And try not to hold your nose when she comes near! (Just secretly hold your breath!) Tjis may help. I hope it does! -Unknown

I know how you feel. There's a boy and a girl in my class who both smell exetremly bad. The girl likes me as a friend, but I really don't. There are more reasons why I don't like this girl. I just like to keep them private. When me and her get partnered up for something, I get a whiff and gag! It's so bad. Help!

Plan A: Well, the solution has bit you on the bottom, but you didn't see it. If your school doesn't have assigned seats, just don't sit by her. If, the next day or so, she sits in your chair then change seats again. Plan B: Become friends with her and arrange a gift exchange every week, then you can give her bath soap, bath fizzies, bath scrub puffs, anything bath, really.

I'm not trying to be mean and I know its your point of view, but pretending to be her friend isn't very nice. just giving her bath stuff won't help. I'm just saying.....

I you go over to her and say I am really sorry if I am hurting your feelings but I really can't stand that smell do you think you could come over to my house tomorow and then you should hand out good smelling things that you can use to wash up with.

Been there... yuck! Try recomending a fragrence! ("I just got this awesome perfume at Bath and Bodyworks-you ahave to try it!") Or you can ask for a change in seats. Say you can't see well, or simply don't sit in that seat if you don't always have to sit there.

my gym teacher calls me "Smiley" and it is really annoying!! now everyone thinks i am too good to be true!! it is embarrassing!! ♥Smiley or not♥

rofl i hated my name in kindergarten, so i tried to change it to lisa then the next year like ALL The parents called me lisa o_o

i kinda have an embarrassing nickname but mines jelly and i like it everyone calls me that now since i was born

my nickname from my parents is "peanut" I don't know why they call me that bu I think it's because I'm so short.

It's not embarressing to have a nickname! You should feel proud your teacher recognizes you as a good person. Plus nicknames are fun. My competetive soccer team all made up nicknames for each other. Mine's Lil Kermit and my friend who's name is Brianna is called Bee. It's really cute I think. If people think you are so good, make up fun little nicknames for them so you are not alone.


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