Fab Girls Guides: Sticky Situations!

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Laura Hey, girls! It’s Laura! As most of you know, I was an intern at Discovery Girls last summer, and I had the amazing opportunity of helping to create the Fab Girls Guides! The books are all ready for you to read now, and I’m so excited that you’ll finally get to see what we were working on all summer. I loved working on all of the books, but the Fab Girls Guide to Sticky Situations was definitely my fav to brainstorm for. I can still remember Lyn and I sitting in Catherine's office last June, wracking our brains to come up with every kind of sticky situation we'd ever been in. That’s right: So many of the situations in the book came straight from our middle school days! Most of the "stickies" happened to one of us--or to both of us! all four!What do you do when your crush doesn't like you back? Or how about the time my best friend put my hair in crazy pigtails (they looked hideous!) for the eighth-grade dance? Or the time that Lyn sneezed in front of the entire class during her 5th grade state report? (Yeah--pretty bad!) And, of course, what do you when you spill something on your best friend’s (white!) carpet. And that's just the beginning… All of those situations were tough. I just wish the Fab Girls Guides to Sticky Situations had been around when I was your age! Life would have been so much easier! Now I want to hear from you! What sticky situations have you been in? And what are some of your favorite sticky situations from the Fab Girls Guide to Sticky Situations? Let me know in comments to this post! laura