Spirit Riding Free: Season 3!

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Every friendship has it’s ups and downs. Even a friendship between a horse and a girl! After season 2’s heartbreaking cliffhanger, season 3 of DreamWorks Spirit Riding Free puts Lucky and Spirit’s friendship to the test. The new season begins with Lucky and Mr. Prescott desperately trying to get Spirit back to Miradero. Spirit, as determined and possibly more stubborn than Lucky, fights vigorously to break free once again.

After a tearful reunion, Lucky and Spirit rejoin the PALs and their horses to embark on several arduous, but exciting new adventures.

This season, Pru, Abigail, and Lucky continue to employ their bravery when they set their sights on saving a Tuckapaw boy off of a barreling train, when rescuing Snips and the twins from the bottom of a gold mine, and when trapped in the woods by a vicious mountain lion.

But their courage truly shines when they face the biggest challenge of all: growing up. Even though she’s not keen on Miss Flores dating her dad, Lucky swallows her pride and helps her teacher get out of a sticky situation on a class field trip. Pru works hard to face her fears of speaking to the town’s Governor, and Abigail must give up her dream of attending a ball to help out a pregnant horse.

All in all, each character finds their own individual strength while also growing stronger together.

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