Real Girls' Stories Win Barnes & Noble Readers' Choice Awards

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Hi girls!

We couldn’t wait to tell you…your votes helped us win the Barnes & Noble Readers’ Choice Awards! Your own “My Worst Day…And How I Survived It” stories are being recognized in Barnes & Nobles stores all over the U.S.! How amazing is that?

We couldn’t have done it without you—after all, it’s your stories that won, and your voices that are being heard! It’s thanks to every single one of you who opened up about your struggles and your insecurities so that other girls would know that they weren’t alone.

Your stories are so powerful, because they help girls everywhere feel safer and more ready to take on their own challenges. That’s why we wanted to share some of our favorite Worst Day stories. We’ll be posting one every day for the next week.

So congratulations! Your “Worst Day” was in a competition with huge magazines like Oprah and Men’s Healthand you won! We’ve always believed in your voices, and now you’ve shown everyone how important they really are. We are so proud and excited!

Comment below and tell us which Worst Day story you remember the most. Maybe you'll see it in the next week!