Curious Cat Spy Club

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Meet the club!

Kelsey, Becca, and Leo have nothing in common—until they rescue three kittens and form the Curious Cat Spy Club. Now they solve animal capers with cool spy tech and sleuth savvy! 


           Spy Specialist                      Animal Lover      Covery Technology Strategist   (Taught herself to lip-read)  (Lives in an animal sanctuary)   (Builds Robots for fun)


The Curious Cat Spy Club brings together three kids who live in entirely different worlds—Kelsey is quiet and shy, Becca is outgoing and popular, and Leo is a brainy whiz kid. Working to solve mysteries brings them together, and they surprisingly find themselves becoming friends.


Have you ever been surprised to make a friend from outside your group? How’d you meet and what brought you together? Did you have to keep your friendship a secret from your other friends?

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