How do you deal with bullying and name-calling?

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Last week was No-Name Calling Week and to recognize it we're featuring content to help educate you on the effects of bullying and let you share your experiences! Take a look at some featured content, then let us know how you deal with bullying and name-calling!

What is No-Name Calling Week all about?

No Name-Calling Week is recognized annually and this year is from January 24-28, 2011. It's a week dedicated to education and creative activities designed to end bullying of all kinds. At Discovery Girls, we know that bullying is a real part of our readers' lives, and we hope in providing content and sharing your personal stories we help you cope with these issues and give you a place to share your thoughts and experiences.

Bullying Content on

Did you know that...

  • 76% of girls have been bullied!
  • 70% of girls have had someone make a comment that made them feel bad about themselves!
  • 49% of girls have had a classmate make fun of them about their looks.
  • 30% of girls are worried they'll be picked on for not being pretty enough!