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(serves 6 to 8 as an appetizer or side salad)

Spring your clocks forward 1 hour before bed on Saturday night.

International Women’s Day celebrates women’s achievements throughout the world. To promote equality & appreciation and encourage support toward women everywhere.

I wanted to be a Discovery Girl for numerous reasons. I love everything that the magazine stands for. I like how well it relates to our age group. I like learning about different girls every other month. I like the overall positivity of the magazine and how real girls are in it. Overall, I wanted to spread my message and be recognized by so many girls that it was possible to make an inspiring difference!

Happy Birthday to all of our Discovery Girls who are celebrating a Birthday in March! To you and all the amazing things you do each day…keep up the good work! We wish you the best year yet…. Share with us your favorite Birthday moment.

World Wildlife Day is a day to celebrate the world's plants and animals while raising awareness of issues that impact wildlife. Everyday should be a day to celebrate the beauty around us.

On Friday, January 22 2016, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced major initiatives to increase the diversity of the Academy by 2020. Initiatives include doubling the number of women and promoting the diversity of members.

Makes 4 servings