Back-to-School Tips

The first weeks of a new school year is an exciting time because it's a fresh start. It's also an opportunity to make a good first impression. Of course, you hear a lot about making a good impression with your looks—your clothes, hair, etc. But did you know there are many other factors that contribute to first impressions? Here are a few tips for putting your best foot forward the first week of school. Smile! Something as simple as a smile can let new students know you'd like to be friends. It can also let friends you haven't seen in a while know you're still the nice, friendly girl they remember from last year. Hold Your Head High and Shoulders Back. If you look confident even when you don't feel confident, others will pick up on it and feel more comfortable around you. Eventually, you might even start to feel more confident, too! Be Friendly to Everyone! You can never have too many friends. So even if you already have a good group of friends, challenge yourself to make more. Walk up to someone you don't know well, look her in the eye and say. "It's good to see you again! How was your summer?" Do you have any back-to-school tips to share?


I'm going to a new school this year so is their anybody eles going to a new school?
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I did last year!
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i'm in 6th grade(we started school last monday), and i'm new to my school. when do u start school?
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A week after september I think. And i'm also going into 6th grade!

Are you going back September 7th??

I think so? I'm not to sure but I think its around that time

I started 9th grd last Monday! It's fun cause I get to do Earth Science again and World Geography instead of History (remembering the dates of the past is hard and boring to me) then I have to do English and it's preity fun! And go to the Fitness Center to work out for school's P.E!

I am your not alone. =)

me too! im going a week after sep. and im going to 6th grade!!!! wat school do u go to?! i go to salina school!!!

Everybody else seems to have started so early! I don't start school untill the second week of September! I am so excited!

I'm am excited for school to start but I am also a little nervous.

Same here. I can't wait for middle school to start in two days but I'm a bit nervous too about a completely new school since most of my friends are going to a different Jr. high. But I usually don't have a problem making friends so I think I'll be fine and I'm sure you will too.

I had to start a new school two years ago. It was hard because I had to start three weeks after school started. I'm sure you will make a ton of friends Coolangel.

I'm looking forward to making 7th grade (this year) the BEST year of my life! I'd like to improve my grades more, mature a little bit, and maybe even get along with even more people! Abby10: If you're going to a new school, then being scared is TOTALLY normal! Last year when I was temporarily at a new school, I made over 10 friends in one week, by just making a great first impression and branching out, so get out there and start branching, make this year your best!
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Hey, it's kinda weird that I started my first day of 6th grade today. It was a half day. Is anyone else entering 6th grade this year?

I start school on Wednesday, August 25th, but I'm entering 7th Grade in North Dakota! Why was it a half day? What state do u live in?

I start 7th grade tomorrow and I am not looking foward to it :(. p.s Congratulations Paige!!!

good luck!!!!!!!

thanks so much!!! Good luck to you on the 15th (right???)

I go on the 13th... is it weird that you start on a Tuesday?

yeah it is kind of weird... But I'm glad only 4 days this week lol!!! :)
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thats always pleasant! LOL

I start on a wednesday! Only 3 days! Then I get a long weekend because of some holiday...

very much so

i went on last tuesday. i went to 7th grade too! it's great. it was a half day as well.

Hi! It was a half-day because it's the beginning of the school year and it just makes things easier. I live in Missouri.

My first day of school is actually just going to be an hour. I know I shouldn't call that a "first DAY" cuz it's not exactly a day of school. What they're doing is that they're calling the students together a day before the REAL first day of school and get things sorted out so kids don't go scurrying around kinda going like "WHERES MY HOMEROOM?!" the next day. :P

i'm entering 6th grade this year, too(well i already started it). school started on monday the 16th. how was your first day?

me too!6th graders RULE!

ya im going to 6th grade too!!! cant wait!!! 6th graders rule!!! lol!!!
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Me 2 6th graders rule!!!!!!
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I am.

I am.

I start sixth grade this Wednesday but it's not a half-day. I am really excited about it. I hope it goes well for you!
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i am 2

does your middle school start in 6th grade?

I wish! :( I'm in eighth grade and it bites. Too much homework and drama and not enough sleep.

im going into 8th grade and im psyched. im gonna be the oldest with 3 grades below me in my school. i am so looking forward to it. plus im in all advanced so i do have a lot of homework but i dont think itll be too much. last year i hardly had any at all. i prob had more in 6th grade than 7th.

I'm going to have 8 grades below me! Our school is K-8th grade all at 1 school!
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im also gonna have 8 grades below me plus preschool. But, since my birthday is at the end of December (the 27th- I'm 12) , alot of 7th graders coul be a month younger than me, or even less;)
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I think of it as a fresh start...a time of new study habbits, new friends, fake or real. Which I am so ready for, and drama has started before school in my world.

does anyone know how to enter the new writing contest? (sorry if i already put this. i'm not sure if i did)

look in the magazine. it should tell you where to send your story and give you other details.
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I'm not going to a new school, and I've been with my grade since 1st grade, but this year they're mixing up all the classes, so I guess I'll try to make new friends. Though the reason they're mixing up the classes is cause of bullying so it won;t be so easy.

I want to change a lot of stuff this year. Now I'm in seventh grade which is the highest grade our school goes up to (our school is ages 4-14 i think). I'ts my last year here and I want to do something I'm remembered for. It would be so cool if ,like, four years into the future the teachers would still be talking about me. I want to be REMEMBERED!!! Any ideas?

What do you want to be remembered about? What do you want to change? Just be nice to everyone, use these back-to-school tips to make as many great new friends as possible (even with 6th and 8th might seem weird but younger and older kids don't bite), participate a lot in class, and study well so you'll get good grades, and trust me, you'll be remembered. You don't have to be a rebel or something to be remembered. But if you want to be remembered by the teachers, then talk to them a lot! Maybe stay after class and ask a question and talk about something that was brought up in class. And be sure to say hi and smile at your old teachers in the fact if your old teachers gave you any contact information like they do in my school use it! Send them a letter or e-mail about what's going on right now and ask how they're doing. Keep in touch with old and new friends and teachers. If you follow these tips, I am pretty sure you'll be remembered. And if not, well there's always the school yearbook! :)

Do Something good for your school!:Donation,open your own after school class like dancing,or chorus,or yoga or donation group anything you like to do that would help your school! Be a Class President or something you think would be good!♥

I totally understand, and when I left 5th grade to go to middle school, I totally regretted because I knew the teacher would not remember me long. Teachers always talk about old students to the new ones. My teacher talked about one kid she had 12 years ago! That must of been one great student! Just start being that great, unforgettable person right from the start. If you mess up, tell the teacher you want a fresh start. Otherwise, your teacher will probably label you something you don't like, and probably won't change their mind unless you tell them how you feel. They want you to do good, and be unforgettable!

Fifth grade is gonna ROCK! We have tons of events, field trips, and more fun stuff like going to a three day camp and playing a softball game: kids vs. teachers. I am sooo excited!

I'm going into 6th grade, and I know how fun it was to be the oldest in the school. But remember how you felt going into 3rd grade? Newer, bigger school, different teachers, higher expectations? Well you're going to feel like that again next year! I totally feel like I'm getting thrown into 3rd grade again, except now I'm hitting harder. Do well in 5th grade, and when you find a true friend, stick with them and never let them go because in middle school, it's hard to tell who's going to go from that shy to the most popular one of all. And if things start to go bad in 5th grade, remember you can start on a clear slate in middle school. But I have one last thing... If you're leaving elementary school to go to middle, leave that elementary with a smile on your face. The last thing you want is to look back on elementary and remember how horrible the year kicked off. All that work on grades just to be thrown in the trash, and the friends tha'll never last-don't go there. Once you leave that school, there's no turning enjoy it!


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