Hey DGs! How are your summer businesses going along?  We’d love to hear how you’ve been making money this summer with the tips and advice we gave you in our June/July issue.


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Hey DGs!

Sandals and sundresses, swimwear and beach totes—stylish summer fashion can mean a whole new wardrobe! Of course, buying so many things at once can also mean a big dip in your allowance…

Hey DGs!

Summertime means sleeping in, pool parties, and best of all…summer camp! Some of our favorite memories have come from camp, and we’re sure many of yours have, too. So tell us all about the summer camps you’ve been to, or are planning to attend—whether it’s sleepaway camp, day camp, church camp, or any other kind of camp!

Hey DGs!

Can you guess why the number 36 is so important to us today?

It’s the number of days left until the summit, AND the number of girls who’ll be coming to work with DG in California!

How did you find out about the Summit? Why did you apply?

Hey girls!

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Just because summer vacation’s in full swing doesn’t mean books need to go away! DG compiled a mix of award winners, bestsellers, and even a few of our own favorites for you to read this summer. Mystery, humor, adventure, advice—there’s something for everyone! Grab a comfy reading spot and check out our list below (and click on the pink titles to see where you can find each book!):


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