When I saw the application, I just knew that I had to apply for the DG Leadership Summit. I’ve always dreamed of being in a magazine, and a summit with 36 girls from around the country and Canada sounded like so much fun!

I honestly didn’t think I would make it in, though. I’d heard from previous years that thousands of girls submitted an application. I thought, what are the chances of me getting in? One in thousands?

I decided to apply to be a Discovery Girl because I love the magazine, and I thought it would be an awesome opportunity to learn something, contribute to the magazine, and be a positive role model. I thought my chances of being picked were small because I knew that thousands of girls would probably apply, but I went for it anyway!

I really wanted to be in the magazine, so when I saw the page about applying, I thought, “Why not give it a try?” I didn’t think I would be chosen, though.

I spent from the time I first saw the questions all the way to the deadline on the questionnaire—about three months! I like answering questions so it was fun, and the questions were great. They were really detailed (in a good way).

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Imagine being the middle sister of not one big family, but two! Thirteen-year-old Jenna Ortega can relate to Harley Diaz, the character she plays on Stuck in the Middle, because just like Harley, Jenna has a lot of siblings (five, to be exact)!

And there is never a dull moment in either of her families...

DG: Harley is the “glue” of her family. What’s your role in yours?

You know the one—that annoying voice that says you can’t mess up your gymnastics routine because your teammates will be mad at you, or that you have to get straight A’s. She pushes you to be your best, but sometimes she says things that just aren’t true. When that happens, here’s how to shut her down.

Hi Girls,

We’ve had a lot of comments on the swimsuit article in the April/May issue. Some of you thought it was helpful, but some girls also felt that it made you feel bad or self-conscious about your bodies.  We hope you know that this would NEVER be our intention. If you ever read an article that makes you feel bad in that way, it is not a good article and should be questioned—no matter where it appears.

This year for Mother’s Day, go beyond breakfast in bed. Dust off some old traditions, and create some new ones, too! Here’s how:


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